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Did you really think I wouldn’t post about the day Arion proposed on the Brooklyn Bridge!?!  Um, yea right.  It was 4 years ago… today.  And my how our lives have evolved since then.

Things went from that in 2008, to this in 2009 (signing our ketubah and traveling to South Africa and Zambia):



To Italy, France, and Spain in 2010…


To Peru in 2011…


To Vietnam, Cambodia, and Germany in 2012…


And now to little Tuk Tuk expected to arrive in 2013


Arion, I can’t wait to share all of the next big steps, and little ones in between, with you.

Lots of love… Happy Engage-iversary Smile

Readers – for the full story of how he did it, click here or here.



Katie and Chris tie the knot!!


For the last wedding of the 2012 season, we headed to Pittsburgh to celebrate our dear friends, Katie and Chris.  Arion met Chris over a decade ago on Adventure Treks, an outward bound sort of trip, where they hiked and camped for a few weeks (I clearly did not do anything like this).  Throughout the years, they’ve remained close and starting 5 years ago, a group of 8-10 of us started an annual tradition of heading to the Hamptons for a weekend each summer.  It’s a visit we can always count on to make sure we see each other, so we really look forward to it.  This year though, due to 2 of the couples getting married, we had to forgo our trip!  Fortunately, having Alison and Adam’s wedding over Labor Day and this wedding on September 22, we were still able to get our fill!

We arrived Friday night and headed straight to the welcome reception at the Senator John Heinz History Center.  It was a great kick-off to the weekend with a  coffee bar and delicious desserts.  Saturday we had brunch per a friends recommendation at Meat and Potatoes.  If you’re EVER in Pittsburgh, make a serious effort to get there for a meal.  Delicious.  Then we got all gussied up and headed to the St. Bede Church where a gorgeous ceremony was held.  Katie was so teary walking down the aisle (and theme, me being pregnant = extra emotional), I couldn’t even keep myself remotely together for this one…. Good thing I brought tissues!!!  What a stunning bride and groom.  Following the ceremony, we headed to the reception at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  Holy gorgeous, I have never seen rooms like this (pictures below).  The cocktail hour was in the Hall of Sculpture and the reception was in the Music Hall Foyer.  Incredible.  Oh and then the food.  And the 12-piece band.  And a flavored WATER bar (yes, it’s even more awesome than it sounds).  This wedding season certainly went out with a BANG.  And to its credit, I have barely any photos, because we were dancing the. entire. time.  Seriously – it was like a marathon of amazingness.

Congrats Katie and Chris.  Please still invite us to the Hamptons next year, even though we’ll need a crib – I promise we’ll still be fun.  Did my extensive dancing while 15 weeks preggers, prove NOTHING?!!!



Mazel Tov to Randi and Ryan!


On Sunday, September 9th, we jumped in the car with our friends Andrea and Justin, to arrive in Sharon, MA, for a very very special wedding.  Arion went to Tufts with Ryan, but since the day I met him YEARS ago, he immediately became a favorite on my list (clearly, right, Ryan?!).  And when Ryan introduced us to Randi, I was hooked.  You know when sometimes you just see two people together and the world seems to stop for a moment? It’s as if to say – is that not a perfect match, or what?!  They compliment each other in every way and seeing as I already had a special place in my heart and belly (Ryan’s a teacher by day and gourmet chef by night), there was room for Randi right away.  And with the detail that I pretty much cry at all weddings, add in hormones and my love for these two, and I was a disaster as Ryan entered the room, shortly followed by his bride, Randi.  The ceremony in the synagogue where Randi grew up was beautiful, emotional, and funny, just like them.  The food was AMAZING and the dancing… well, there seems to be a consistent theme here… Tuk Tuk is getting its fair share of dancing while in utero.  In fact, I’m convinced it might come out doing a little twist and SHOUT!

Congrats, you two, we are overjoyed that we could share in this milestone with you and that you are in our lives.  MWAH!!


Ryan may be the most excited male (family excluded) on the planet that I’m “with child”.  I can’t even tell you how many times he came over to love on me and my belly… and Arion.  How lucky are we, to have excitement like this – at THEIR wedding.  I can’t even describe (crap, I’m crying again – just look at the photo)…



A Philadelphia Wedding


Labor Day weekend marked the wedding of Arion’s closest childhood friend, Adam.  He was the co-best man with their third musketeer, Alex, and we had quite the celebration.  This also marked the first time in HISTORY (ok in 2+ months) that I had moments of feeling farther away from death, than usual.  SO, I channeled “cool and hip” Heather and partied it up!!!  Of course, I suffered the next day being unable to move from the exhaustion and nausea, but it was well worth it.  Another awesome thing about the wedding, was how many of our friends were in attendance.  We have an annual trip to the Hamptons with about 10 people, each summer, and they were all there.  YAY reunion!  Especially since we didn’t make it this year and next year when we go, we’ll need a crib in our room (EEEEE!).

The rehearsal dinner was at XIX Restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia.  I didn’t take a single photo, as who wants to capture when they’re feeling retched, but I can assure you that the food (from the bite that I had, plus Arion’s rave reviews) was delicious and the room was gorgeous.  We even had a perfect view of the Blue Moon from the balcony, making it a perfect evening.  After dinner, we headed to the Ritz Residences Club Lounge for drinks and snacks (I had a cupcake – which I learned later, marked the return of my sweet tooth!).

The wedding was at Glen Foerd, overlooking the Delaware River.  The ceremony was gorgeous at dusk overlooking the water, the cocktail hour was throughout the estate, even in the art gallery, and then the cocktail reception was in a gorgeous room with floor-to-ceiling windows.  That night, I had one of my first reprieves from “morning sickness”, so like I said, I danced my TUSH off.

And since I know most of you aren’t here for my witty and brilliant commentary, here are the photos.

First, with the lovely Bride and Groom, Alison and Adam.



Arion’s parents also enjoyed the wedding with us, as they are close friends with Adam’s parents, Robin and David.


One of Arion’s close friends, Chris, who just got married last weekend on Sept. 22!!!! (full blog post to come)




I think this was “Shout!” – We had fun.





Some things, and dance moves, never change Winking smile



The now newlyweds as of Sept. 22, Katie and Chris!


Ending the night with a belly shot!!!!!!!!!!!



Nuptials in Seattle


I know I have been slacking on the blogging train lately, but I’ll get caught up eventually.  For now, I’ll go backwards and start with this past weekend in Seattle for our friends’ Noah and Vaneeta’s wedding and a special visit with Lauren, my college roomie.

We arrived late Thursday night after a 6 hour flight to the most excited late-night smile around – Lauren aka The Hotness circa 2004.  There was definitely some slow-motion running and jumping for joy at the airport.  I love the scene at the airport (cue opening and closing credits to the movie, Love Actually).  After a quick drive, we arrived at Lauren and Aaron’s most adorable home in a town called Magnolia, just outside of Seattle.  Unfortunately, Aaron was away on a boys camping trip for the weekend, so we didn’t see him, but his gigantic elk heads in the basement represented him with pride.  We had some cheese and crackers for a night-time snack, this IS COLLEGE, and went to bed in our own room with our own bathroom.  For everyone who lives in a shoebox apartment in NYC, you know how awesome this is.  Lauren’s house rocks.

Friday morning, we awoke to the Tour de France on TV and Lauren whipping up some eggs with cheese and the most delicious fresh rosemary bread of my life.  I curled up near Lauren in the kitchen under a blanket near the open window with cool quiet air drifting in and felt so at home.  Boy do I love me some Lauren (and now looking at this photo after the fact, boy do I miss me some Lauren).

Afterward, we headed out for the very important task of WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING FOR LAUREN!!  Yes, this was a two-part trip… a wedding and the prepping for another wedding.  ME = HAPPY.  Of course, you don’t get to see the gorgeous bride in all of her glory and the amazing dresses we looked at, but here’s our faces cropped and blown up just to show how much fun we were having.

photo 4 (2)c

While we oo’d and ahh’d and I cried over the beautiful bride-to-be, Arion sat a few blocks down at a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and the morning paper.  That’s one happy hub.  As we were leaving, we ran into this guy with quite the toupee on… I was dying laughing and it actually came charging at me in a mad frenzy.  Guess he hates his ‘do, too.

photo 1 (3)b

Anyway, since we were already in the cutest market ever called the Country Village, we decided to find a lunch spot.  And Papa’s Place provided just that.  We were walking by and saw two women eating the most amazing Chicken Taco Salad in the history of Chicken Taco Salads and we sat down immediately.   Here we are post deliciousness.

photo 5 (2)b

After sitting outside for a few hours and then driving back to Lauren’s, I needed a nap.  So as husband and wife do, I napped while he ran – crazy freak.  But there were some good views to be shared when he returned. Smile


photo 4 (3)

Fully rested (me) and ready to eat (Arion), we headed into downtown Seattle to meet some of the Tufts boys (and their ladies) for dinner at Petra Mediterranean Bistro – thank you Yelp.  I didn’t take any photos, oops, but trust that it was good.

Saturday we slept in, something about the cold air and a warm flannel blanket allows me to sleep forever.  With hungry bellies, we headed into the main square of Magnolia (about a 15 minute walk) for brunch at Serendipity Café and Lounge.  Another delicious meal and more Lauren time and then we walked home in time to see a lawn of weeds through different eyes.. all the dandelions sorta looked pretty and planned!

photo 1 (4)b

Shortly after, we got all dolled up to head to the main event of the weekend, the wedding of Vaneeta and Noah!!! (dress courtesy of my friend Sandy… so many compliments)

photo 2 (4)b

photo 3 (4)b

Tufts photo!!

photo 5 (3)a

Sunday morning, we headed into downtown Seattle again, this time to Pike Place Market and the original Starbucks.  Since hubs LOVES him some coffee, we needed a photo in front, complete with a three-piece band outside.

After some sightseeing and a few purchases in the market Winking smile, we headed to meet the crew once again, this time at The Library Bistro.  This meal was fabulous and delicious as most of you already previewed with these apple fritters with cream cheese frosting on Instagram.  TO. DIE. FOR.

photo 3 (3)b

(Clockwise starting with Arion, Ryan, Laura, Christy, Ben, Tait, Randi, Moi)

It’s always great to see the crew and catch up and it’s even better that we’ll see everyone again in about 7.5 weeks for another Tufts wedding, this time in Boston!!

So a HUGE AND GINORMOUS thank you to Lauren for hosting us and being fabulous and wonderful, as always.  And an equally LARGE AND LOVING Mazel Tov to Vaneeta and Noah, the gorgeous newlyweds.


P.S. I must also do a little blog shout-out to three of my readers who turned the big 3-0 in the past week+…. Lisa on July 6th, Kendra on July 12th, and Bana TODAY July 16th.  Welcome to the awesome, ladies, welcome.

23 Years After I First Met Kerri


She walked down the aisle with a glow that has always been shining over her head.  For my readers who know Kerri, you’ll agree that she is pure wonderfulness.  Always so positive and energetic and a joy to be around.  So to be able to celebrate as she got married last weekend to Jon, was a real treat.  From singing “Happy Together” to the couple at the bedeken, to listening to a beautiful melody of the bridal party as she walked down the aisle, it was just another moment in our friendship that I will cherish always.  Kerri and Jon, I am overjoyed for you two and hope you’re having an amazing time in Brazil.  Love you both immensely.

Now this also means that I was in CO last weekend 😀

So, you lucky folks get the pleasure of a photo-dump of none other than my favorite nephew, Wes.

Here we go!

First, the little munchkin surprised me at the airport with his mom (my sis) with my mom and insisted on carrying my luggage to the car.

And then we went to the zoo!!


We also snuggled with Gigi and rode bikes!


And then ate a serious amount of edamame!


Wednesday night, I attended my mom’s bookclub.  I read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” in preparation and it was an awesome night (you can see my review here).  It was basically the same as my bookclub:  loud women, laughing, good discussion, and a lot of wine.

While I was home I also squeezed in time to see the High School crew babies Taylor (Kara and Scott), Jacob (Amy), and Sophie (Devin).  You can see that they are stinkin’ adorable.

Taylor, 3 months

Jacob, 6 months

Sophie, just a couple weeks shy of 1 year

After some necessary shopping, Arion flew in!  Words cannot express how much I love picking him up in front of the fountain at DIA. LOVE.  We went straight to my sister’s for Wes-time and to celebrate Arion’s birthday a little early.


Friday, I went to the bride’s private hot yoga class and it rocked.  Like I said before… Kerri has a lot of love in her life.

And what to do after something so healthy?  Why go to Cherry Cricket, of course!

Followed by a sleepover at Wes’ house.  I may absolutely HATE waking up early, but when a little man jumps onto your bed and says “HI!” and then gives you kisses… well, he can be my alarm clock any day!  Arion and Danny (bro-in-law) also ran in the Oktoberfest 5K downtown, so we had some bratwurst after another healthy activity.  We also were able to see Laurel and Jeff and Murphy (new CO residents)!!  They moved from NYC, to the best place on earth, a few weeks ago and it was really fun to see them in my home town.



Then it was wedding time!!!!! (I cried a lot)



We did many other things (like run/train at altitude for my upcoming 5K), but I decided to just enjoy the moment through my glasses, instead of through my camera lense.

Now off to get ready for surprise date-night, by yours truly, for the hubs birthday!

Cousins in Cleveland


The title of this post is courtesy of my cousin Amy and her awesome toast at the rehearsal dinner this past weekend for our cousin Kate and Alec’s wedding (run-on sentence much?).  Amy is gaining cousins in Cleveland, which I think is an awesome way to celebrate a marriage.  New cousins!  After all, that’s how I became related to Amy, Cliff, Kate, and Kyra, too 🙂 And they are some FABULOUS cousins.

Anyway, back to the wedding.  Now, everyone knows that I go gaga over any/all wedding related activities.  I just love them.  So spending a weekend in VT with some really fun extended family was just the cherry on top.

We drove up Thursday night and spent a long weekend at Lake Morey Resort, which included kayaking, bike-riding, water-skiing, water-tubing, relaxing, and eating.  Now add that to wedding festivities and you’ve got yourself a happy Heather.

The bride, Kate, was absolutely exquisite.  And Alec, well I love him, too.  Congrats you two – so happy and excited for you!!

And now for the photos!!

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