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Waiting to Find out the Sex–Surprise Tactic or Budget-Friendly Trick?


Arion and I knew from the very beginning that we didn’t want to know the sex of our growing baby.  We’ve heard countless stories about how much more excitement is in a delivery room when you’re waiting for them to yell “It’s a GIRL/BOY” just like in the movies.  Of course, we also understand the want/need to find out beforehand; to nest and prepare in ways that you can’t when everything needs to be gender neutral.  So, although it wasn’t even a discussion in the very beginning for us, we both knew we didn’t want to know, I now remind Arion daily how thankful he should be that we made that decision.


SHOPPING.  You can’t even imagine (well, actually, you probably can) the amount of cuteness that exists in baby attire.  And as the deal-hunter I am, I immediately signed-up for the daily email deals from zulily, totsy, babysteals, etc.

The only problem, I want to buy everything.

The saving grace, I can’t.

There is usually only one or two decent items that are gender-neutral (yellow, grey, orange) and from what I’ve heard from my mom-friends you really don’t need a lot of clothing in the 0-3 month size since they grow out of it so quickly.  So, no purchases are made because if you’re only buying for 3-6 months and up… don’t you want them to be sparkly with ruffles or manly and rugged???  I DO.

Here are a few examples:


Calvin Klein White Stripe Faux Fur Vest Set


Blue Straight-Leg Jeans

Little Black Dress Onesie

2pc Formal Tuxedo Onesie Cummerbund Teal with Tuxedo Pants (Available in various colors)

2pc Formal Tuxedo Onesie Cummerbund with Tuxedo Pants

Pink2Blue's Lucas Baby Boy Golf Shoe/Booties. Brown Checked, Linen, Infant, Handmade by Pink2Blue.

Lucas Baby Boy Gold Shoe

Pink Leopard Booties with Diamond Bows

Pink Leopard Booties with Diamond Bows

And that was just from this week……


Now one might say that I’m doomed once the baby is born…. and well, they would be right.  Let all stores and the internet be warned – mama will be on the loose with a  lot of time to make up for Winking smile.



Colorado Ditty


I spent 4 glorious days in CO this past weekend and instead of viewing it through my camera lense, I actually paid attention a little bit more.  But stop panicking, I still have a few goodies of my delicious nephew to share with you – along with a lot of over-sharing about what I did in the 303 area code.  And just in case you were still concerned because I haven’t mentioned it enough: It’s still my favorite place on earth.

First, I will bore you with the details, so you actually read them, and then you’ll get to the photos.  Unless, of course, you’re my cousin Amy and you’re already scrolling down….

Thursday night, I arrived safely on Frontier Airlines, after watching Puss In Boots.  I may be 30 and an “adult”, but I love me some talking animals.

Friday = Shopping with Mom.  Mom gets a capitalized letter, because she’s one-in-a-million.  Nordstrom has never been so excited to see me and blessed me with some perfectly fitting fire-engine-red jeans.  I know, you’re already sweating just thinking about how hot I must look in them.  You’re right.  We had lunch at the Grand Lux Café in Park Meadows.  If you go, there’s this appetizer that my mom insisted upon and WOW.  Description: Asian Nachos – Crispy Fried Wontons Covered with Chicken in a Sweet-Hot Peanut Sauce. Topped with Wasabi Cream and Melted Cheese.  See?  Delicious.  With restored energy, we hit a few more stores before heading to Wes’ house (okay, Melissa and Danny OWN it… details people).  I thought I loved him before, but man-oh-man, I can’t take it.  Aside from being awesome and brilliant and adorable, in general, he also plays a mean goalie in basement soccer and his run-and-hug literally knocks you over.  LOVE.

Saturday, we had breakfast at home and then headed back to the land of Wes-goodness to play and visit with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their 6 kids.  It’s never enough time, but I love spending time with them and being all together.  I am so lucky to have such a warm family who in 3 days notice can make a get-together happen.  Like I said, I barely took photos on this trip, so I only have these three (but I think you’ll agree that they’ll do just fine):

After family time, my parents, Melissa, Danny, WES, and I headed to Mexican heaven… La Loma.  The Chimichanga and Chile Relleno were better than I remember.  I could eat there all day, every day.  Oh and here’s one of the two photos of me from the trip.  This one, courtesy of Wes – future photographer?  Perhaps.  Reminder: He’s 2 and a half.


We followed-up the meal with Sopapillas and Fried Ice Cream.  I’ll let Wes demonstrate how good it was… (these photos are before he just picked up the entire thing and shoved as much in his mouth as possible… I was laughing too hard to even get my camera!)

Sunday, we started with swim lessons.  And as Arion says, our little little fishy makes me swoon.  He does a mean back-float.

Afterwards, we went to The Bagel Deli, which was another great meal and then headed to Target.  I know it seems funny, but we don’t have one here in Manhattan, so this is on my to-do list for every CO visit.  Unfortunately, I then had to say goodbye to Wes and possibly sobbed like an ugly walrus in the car before meeting up with my dear Lisa!!  I don’t have a picture with this favorite, but she’s probably thanking me since her and G had been moving all day.  It was a real treat to see them in “my” home-state where G is in grad school and I can’t wait to see her again when she comes up to NYC for work in a month!!!  I spent the afternoon with the folks and then headed back out in the evening to go to Duo for restaurant week with Kendra and Jason!  Kendra was the brilliant one and made sure we documented our visit, so here’s that photo.  Love my Kendra time and wish I could do it more often.

Monday, was a quick trip to the Dr. because mom has strep (sad face), followed by lunch at Cheddars and a little more shopping, before heading back to the airport.

So that was my trip.  Wonderful, happy, delicious, perfect, and always WAY too short.  It gets harder and harder to leave each time, but Happy Feet 2 got me through the plane ride until I could settle back into my other most favorite place… Coogee and Sadie’s Paws Arion’s arms.  All joking aside, it is good to be back with the hubs and in my current home city, but part of me always stays behind in CO.  Thanks everyone who made my visit extra special… especially Mom, Dad, Melissa, Danny, and Wes – MWAH!!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…



Pinterest… and other things I’m obsessed with.


If you don’t know about Pinterest, you’re living under a rock (sorry mom).  Seriously though, it’s this amazing thing that I am constantly “caught” on right before I turn out the light to go to bed, randomly during commercials while watching TV, before my alarm goes off, etc.  You can imagine how this *might* be seen as a problem.  But let me tell you, once you get on there, you’ll thank / curse me.

What is Pinterest.. from their website: Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

So basically, it’s awesome.  Join and follow me.  Here are some of my boards to get you excited!





In other shopping news, the Nordstrom catalog came in the mail yesterday – that evil catalog – pushing me to buy things I don’t need… EVIL (I love you catalog!).

But these.. these are gorgeous.

Vince Camuto 'Persh' Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive)

I also need these:

Tory Burch 'Layce' High Heel

And any/all Kendra Scott earrings.

Kendra Scott 'Carlone' Chandelier Statement Earrings

That’s all for this week.  I’m off to go hide my wallet away from my computer.  And my iPad.  And my iPhone.  SAVE ME!! (but seriously, if you need me, I’ll be on Pinterest)


Thanksgiving Play-by-Play


This year, I didn’t take a single photo on my camera, so Thanksgiving will be brought to you by bullets and iPhone photos – Enjoy!

  • Arion ran the Philadelphia Turkey Trot on Thursday (5 miles in 35 minutes – AMAZING!) with his Uncle Michael and cousin David (who came in first overall at 24:25 – yea, he’s one of those ACTUAL runners and also writes a hysterical blog)photo[1]
  • We then proceed to eat WAY too much delicious food. all. day.
  • I made my mom’s famous Sweet Potato Pie…. and drank wine.


  • Friday, we enjoyed the gorgeous weather (read: boys went for a bike ride, my MIL and I went to get Pedi’s)
  • We also played scrabble (you’re reading the words of the reigning champion!!)


  • We came back to the city Friday night and picked up some sandwiches of the healthy variety and caught up on Modern Family, Parenthood, and Glee
  • Saturday we had brunch at Mumbles and then met our friend from DC, Chris, at the Bryant Park holiday shops (3rd year in a row!)
  • Thai food from Spice and the movie, Limitless, followed (v. good – bonus: Bradley Cooper is freaking HOT, especially when he speaks French)
  • Sunday we had brunch at an easy favorite, Le Pain Quotidien, followed by 4 hours of trying to find a pair of freaking plain black leggings that aren’t $50
  • Leggings found at UNIQLO…. get home to find out they’re see-thru and non-returnable.  Awesome.
  • Sunday night: Fatties on the Couch

And there you have it – Thanksgiving.  A thank-you to Barbara and Richard for providing good food, a new comfy bed, funny company, and challenging scrabble competition!

Also, I want to give a shout-out to my amazing sis, Melissa, who hosted Thanksgiving in CO this year at her house for the first time.  Go Melissa!!!

Next year in CO!!


Sister bonding at its finest!


Email from Melissa, yesterday: You should buy some Sorel boots for when you move here. That’s right I said it. I am still waiting for you to move here. It’s been 2 and a half years. Wes is about to start college applications, or at least finally move into a real big boy bed. Anyhoo, they are on sale on Gilt today. And they are awesome. I wore mine yesterday and am slightly looking forward to more snow to wear them again.


Then there was some frantic calling of what size and height to get and then the internet flickering and sending me into a panic attack to get the Gilt app and buy them before they were sold out.  And then the internet came back and they were still in my cart and I typed in my credit card fast-like-lightening and made them mine, ALL mine.

Responding email from Me: AND…. purchased.

So, as soon as Gilt Groupe decides to grant me with their shipping label on my doorstep, I will be the proud owner of these puppies:

sorel tivoli high boot

Sorel Tivoli High Boot

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.

Thanks, Melissa Smile xoxo

Sisters: Encouraging amazing purchases since 1982.


What I’m Eyeing…


This may become a more regular post, but I’m browsing the internet a little more lately and I’ve found some things that are on my LOVE list, but won’t make it into Casa Robbins just yet 🙂

In no particular order:

This Eva Persian-Style Rug from Potter Barn 

Eva Rug, 2.5 x 9'

These Marimekko Kantele Sheets from Crate and Barrel

These Boutique 9 Strut Ankle Boots from Nordstrom

 Boutique 9 'Strut' Ankle Boot

This Marc by Marc Jacobs Q49 Franny Shopper at Nordstrom

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Q49 - Franny' Shopper

That’s all for now, before I find something I need 😉