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Wyatt’s East Coast BFF visits in July


As if I could forget about you, Jordana.  At the end of July, my baby-mama soul mate and her family came to visit us in CO.  The weekend not only marks the visit of Wyatt’s east coast BFF Benjamin (who he endearingly refers to as B), but also Wyatt’s first steps.  We didn’t need to do much, but be together, but we did go to the zoo, a splash pad, the pool, the park, and ate a lot of snacks.  For the blog world, Jordana and I met in childbirth class just over 2 years ago and after some awkward phone number exchanges at 7+ months preggers we met for lunch and a moms group.  It’s as if we’re the same person and I literally wouldn’t have survived these past two years without her.  Jordana, thanks for being you – and more.  Lots of love and visit again soon – Wyatt misses B ALMOST as much as I miss you. xo




July 4th Weekend, 2014


July 4th weekend our dear dear friends from NYC, Karen, Kete, and Tessa, came for a visit!  We had a blast celebrating the holiday at our pool and with friends (complete with a fire truck excursion), went for breakfast at Snooze and then to the zoo, took walks, etc etc.  Tessa and Wyatt have known one another since they were in the belly, so it’s a blast to watch them interact and play together as they grow.  And Karen and Kete, well we just love them to pieces.  Our adventures are slightly different now than before kids, when Karen and I took a weekend jaunt to Paris, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Come again soon!!!!

P.S. This makes me miss my long hair and Wyatt’s curls.


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Brides, Babies, Brunch, and Bon Voyage



If that flag isn’t big enough to visually make your heart jump.. I’m not sure what I can do for you.


I’ve had this blog post drafted in my mind for years. What would I say? How would I announce it? And I realized, there’s no fancy writing necessary. If you know me… You know what this means. Where I’ve always considered home, will now also be where I live.

Our decision to make the leap occurred with the help of every little duck lining up even better than we could’ve planned for. And I’m an expert planner.

So with Arion landing a FANTASTIC job and our lease ending, we looked at each other in bed one night and said, “so, we’re moving, right?” That spiraled into phone calls, moving plans, and a one-way ticket for two adults, one infant-in-arms, and two cats, just a few weeks later.

And now we’re here. Moving two weeks from today. And it’s so bittersweet.

People may think I should only have feelings of joy, but there is sadness, too. And at the top of that list: we’re going to be farther away from Arion’s family. Our incredible support system on the east coast. Thank god for Skype, FaceTime, and Southwest Airlines, because we’ll need it. Next up, our friends – who are also family. I’ve been here more than 9 years and Arion more than 7. We have met some of the most amazing people here and have grown even stronger with the ones we knew even before this zip code. We’re really going to miss our people, our community, and the food. Which brings me to number 3. We’ve traveled a lot. And NYC just knows how to fill the belly the best. From gourmet to street cart, our taste buds will be in mourning. And number 4, the people watching. When my sister left NYC 4 years ago, she said she would catch herself staring at people in their cars on her way to work in CO. The judging here is one-in-a-million awesome and will really be missed.

Of course, there are things I won’t miss (the sirens, honking, and jack-hammering that always startle Wyatt from a nap) and am ready to say goodbye to (overpriced everything, rudeness, and the ever competitive and elitist pace). But, it’s still the best city on earth.

I can’t even get into the amazing family and friends that are ready to welcome us with squeals and jumps and hugs in our new zip code. And we are really looking forward to the new lifestyle and outdoor activities and especially the ski season (Arion bought his season pass the day the move was official). To say we are overjoyed would be an understatement.

So with excitement, ski poles, and heavy hearts, we begin our journey as Coloradans, whose household will still root for the Eagles (when the Broncos aren’t on).

Wish us luck!!


The Club


An old friend shared this video with me shortly after Wyatt was born.  I had seen it before, but this time, it meant more.  I actually understood.

Click to play video

See, there’s this mom club.  And you’re only made aware of it once you add a child to your family.  You aren’t even privy to how much you aren’t a part of the group while you’re pregnant.  And you especially don’t know just how much you are about to understand once you bring your baby home.  See, I was “prepared”.  I had wanted a baby since, well, I was a baby.  I always considered it my calling to be a mother.  My highest aspiration, goal, purpose.  So I was well read, I listened to family and friends, and I watched interactions all around me.  But then Wyatt was born.  And wow there was a lot I still had to learn, experience, and explore.

The club is not elitist or selective or even password protected, but there is so much you just can’t grasp until you’re in the thick of it.  And I’m not insulted.  Even if I knew the interworking’s of motherhood, I still don’t think they would have meant the same things before Wyatt arrived.  Because this motherhood business… it’s the most amazing thing and yet, it’s hard.  It’s not all butterflies and rainbows and smiles.  Sure, I think it’s absolutely adorable when my son poops and you can hear it from across the room, but at 4am when nursing is painful because it’s new and little buddy is wide awake and you’re not sure if he should be sleeping or is bored and you should be teaching him… that’s when you call on the club.

It’s a non-judgment room full of support, love, understanding, and laughter.  So many things, only moms feel, do, want… now you get to share.  And I’m so thankful for this group (hoping they don’t know abandon me since I have now outed them)… a group that I didn’t know even existed, until I needed it most.

Thanks, moms.  Thanks for helping me fall more in love with my son, even when fear seems to be all around me as I embark upon the most important job that comes without a handbook; raising Wyatt.

Oh and  picture of my sweet baby boy.. for all you mouth-watering vultures 🙂

(I’m becoming quite the photographer… it’s easy when you have this FACE)



Manhattan Showers My Belly… and a birthday… and eating



I know all you want to see are the photos from my shower, but first I am obligated to take you through the gastronomical events of the entire weekend (but I guess you could just scroll down and get to the photos if you really wanted, so here’s hoping I’m not typing all of this for nothing).

My parents arrived from CO late Thursday night.  Friday morning, I had scheduled an ultrasound so they could say hello to Tuk Tuk while they were here.  Tuk Tuk was shy, as usual, hiding his/her face behind little hands, but we did get to see some hair and the beautiful heart beating.  Following the appointment, we headed to a local dinner for eggs, milkshakes, sweet potato fries, etc.  The rest of the afternoon was relaxing and low-key (THEME for all food: “You can’t get this in CO”).  For dinner we headed out for Chinese at Chef Ho’s.  Mom still says it’s the one type of food she misses the most since leaving Brooklyn so long ago and it didn’t disappoint.  Saturday we went to Katz’s Delicatessen and our friend Nina (1st blog shout-out!) joined us – famous for it’s large meat sandwiches and other quintessential lower east side cuisine: latkes, blintzes, fries, egg creams, matzah ball soup, etc – we sampled everything.  We then walked around a bit in the area and then headed home…. oh and Saturday, was my 3rd annual 29th Birthday.  You can see about the first and 2nd annual here, here and here.  So in true birthday style, we had Mexican food for dinner (SHOCKING) at Mole.

photo 1

photo 2photo 3

photo 4photo 5

Sunday was the big day.  The day of my NYC baby shower, graciously hosted by my mother-in-law, Barbara.  And what an amazing job she did.  It was held at Alice’s Tea Cup (a favorite brunch spot), so everything was Alice in Wonderland themed.  Down to playing cards on the table, a late for a very important date clock, mad hatter hats, and a Cheshire cat (which now lives on our new glider in the nursery).  There were even little favors of tea with heart-shaped strainer spoons!!   The meal was scones, mini sandwiches, and cookies.  Oh and CANDY all over the tables.  Happy preg right here.  The amount of love from family and friends was again overwhelming and their generosity amazing.  Per Barbara’s direction, in addition to a gift everyone brought their favorite book inscribed with a  sweet message.  We now have a full library and can’t wait for bedtime with Tuk Tuk to share these stories.  So on to the photos and details (thanks, Sandy for capturing!)…


































After the shower the family came back to our apartment to debrief until we were all too sleepy and needed to take a rest (or maybe that was just me).  Sunday night we ordered-in some Indian food from Andaz Restaurant and rented Premium Rush; I really like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Monday, we continued to eat…. delicious bagels for brunch and Italian at Vespa for dinner.  I am full again just thinking about it.

And thus ends the food tour / birthday celebration / NYC baby shower / MLK weekend that took place.  It was so wonderful to have my parents in town to celebrate so many amazing things and I only wish that the flu didn’t keep Melissa and Hayes, and Bana and Henry, away from me.  But there will be more time to snuggle with them later 🙂

7 weeks until baby…. EEK.


Last Minute December Happenings


There were some last minute happenings in December that I managed to capture via photo, so to the blogosphere they go!!

Our friends/newlyweds Noah and Vaneeta that we traveled to Seattle for their wedding in July, were in NYC to celebrate the holidays.  We successfully managed to get in a brunch at The Smith.  The Vanilla Bean French Toast with caramelized bananas, delicious.  Oh, and there was also so bump lovin’.

photo 2_a

Then that night, we headed to Stand Up – NY to see our cousin, Brian, do a comedy bit!  We were 26 people that night, sure to give him the laughing he deserved, and then we all headed to Delicatessen to continue the evening and celebrate Uncle Ned’s 60th Birthday.  All this planned, by the very talented, cousin Amy.  Moriah came in from NJ for the events, as well, since we were also celebrating her birthday!!  So many things!!!


Also, in December, there was a lot of this.  But in order to not have proof on the internet that I’m a cat-lady (although, I can’t really hide it), I’ll only put up one photo… for now.

photo 1

The night after the comedy show and dinner, we headed to ABC Kitchen for brunch, the Jean-Georges restaurant, with Brett and Moriah. YUM. (side note: Brett is a hipster)

photo 4

Brunch was followed by a quick visit from our friends Craig and Bonnie who were in the city from Boston, to do some last minute Christmas shopping.


Ok, so I originally said no more cats in this post, but look at these two?!  We finally cleared off the changing table and Lady settled right in.



And to round things up on the last weekend of 2012, Arion went to the Phish concert at MSG, we celebrated Henry’s 1st Birthday, and Arion went to the Eagles/Giants game on Sunday.  Sad Sad Eagles, but he had incredible seats.  But enough about concerts and sporting events… the real party-planning win goes to Bana.  Henry’s 1st birthday party was incredible (I know, no one is shocked).  Bana’s attention to detail from each table setting, to the authentic German food, to the apple soda flown in from Germany, caused me to step into the corner for a moment and tell Tuk Tuk to take a good look, because mama’s not this talented.  For example, in the smash cake photos, you’ll see a map.  What you won’t realize is that Bana specifically found it from 1981, the closest year to when both her and Matt were born, and then painted on top for Henry.  Keepsake much?!  Also, the dessert bar was outfitted with little suitcases, airplanes, and all within the blue/red color scheme.  Bana can plan.  On second thought for Tuk Tuk, maybe we’ll hire her to help us out.  You available, Bana?  Anyway, it was more than worth the 2.5 hour blizzardy (new word?) drive each way to celebrate, as we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  Henry, you have some unbelievable parents; never forget how lucky you are.

And now the photos.








So now we head into 2013.  I always love reading everyone’s resolutions for the new year, large aspirational goals and agendas.  For me, I don’t think I’ll make any resolutions this year.  I think Tuk Tuk arriving in March will provide more than enough amazingness than could ever be wished for, so we’re all set.  For the rest of you Smile with tongue out, good luck with those resolutions.  I wish each of you a healthy and happy 2013.  Happy New Year!!!