2015 – A Return to Blogging?


I’m not one to make resolutions, but I think it’s about time I returned to blogging!!  After all, I’ve been taking photos of our adventures all year, so we have a lot to catch up on.  We also have some incredible travel in store for 2015 (big trip: Morocco!!) and we’ll have a TWO-YEAR-OLD here in a couple of months!!

So, I’m making no promises, because I hate breaking them, but here goes nothing!!

Happy 2015!!! (thanks to BrynMarae Photography)



2014 was an incredible year with the biggest highlight being the purchase and move into our “forever home”!  Here are a few “before” listing photos to help with the excitement:

IS172lzbr9wj1d1000000000 IS9hrddxmsrb6q1000000000 IS17qvfu09x0eq1000000000 ISdojvwaok89eq1000000000 ISlykduda43k6q1000000000 ISp5dvdrbwjheq1000000000 ISt0ojxnw0p3eq1000000000IS5ihje4kc0ceq1000000000IS1bp1vqikje6q1000000000ISla27uuqreveq1000000000

Not included are the upstairs bedrooms (4), main floor office, eat-in kitchen nook, and unfinished basement.  Wyatt’s room was the finished first and documented with the help of my good friend…

DSC_0485 DSC_0487 DSC_0489 DSC_0492DSC_0490

I’ll take some more photos soon of the other spaces, but that feels like a good place to start for the new year.

Hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far!!!




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  1. Thanks for the picture tour. I did get a chance this year to see the real thing and so happy that you gave me that opportunity. This is another opportunity for me to wish all of you, you and your family, Heather, a very happy and healthy 2015. Love, Grandma

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  2. Welcome back to blogging? Are you taking Wyatt to Morocco or will it just be you and your husband? How exciting. I have set aside international travel for now (maybe I could make it up to Vancouver, Canada though?).

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