Milestone Monday–52 Weeks


Week 52: February 23 – March 1


  • Um, Wyatt turned 1.  End post.


  • Ok, Ok, he also has a few new skills: Pointing and saying “this?” or “me!” (as in give it to ME), pulling himself up to standing in the crib, and hurling both the pacifier and his lovies out of the crib when a nap is over.
  • Wyatt is now drinking whole milk during meals and only nursing 4 times a day (morning, after each nap, and at bedtime).
  • The 12-13 hours at night is now officially (cringing to say that over the internet) a consistent, every night, habit.  Hooray!!
  • He still naps twice a day for about an hour and a half to two hours, each time.  My little nap champion!!
  • The only nap exception occurred on the day of his birthday party.  After a whole lot of CHOCOLATE CAKE, there was no afternoon nap.  Just crawling around the crib, standing at the railings, and chatting away for an hour and a half.  Not unhappy, just not asleep.  Hence a milestone occurred that hasn’t happened since Wyatt was an infant (wait, when did he become NOT an infant??)… Anyway, Wyatt was so beat from the days’ festivities, he fell asleep nursing at bedtime.  And as any mom would do after such a large milestone as turning 1 is for both of us, I held him a few extra minutes and cuddled him a little tighter as I realized just how fast time can go when you have a perfect little companion in your life.  We kept him alive for an entire year!!!  And also, Wyatt grew from a sleepy little bundle to a moving, dancing, talking, laughing toddler… in an instant.
  • So aside from swim lessons, music class, and movement class, Wyatt attended his “2nd” bris for our dear friends, and then welcomed almost the entire Robbins family into town to celebrate his birthday.  Arion’s parents, affectionately known as Branma and Big Guy, Arion’s little Brother Brett and his girlfriend Amanda, and Arion’s Grandma Ruth all arrived Wednesday/Thursday.  We had a lot of fun being together with some really warm and sunny weather.
  • And all that led up to Wyatt’s jungle-theme birthday party on March 2 – his actual birthday!!  We were surrounded by family and friends and I held it together pretty much the entire time = success.  We are so thankful for everyone who could help us celebrate and missed those of you who couldn’t.  Wyatt enjoyed the Happy Birthday song by clapping as we sang, but as soon as 40 people were staring at him waiting for him to try the cake, there was some serious stage-fright.  However, once the audience had dissipated and it was just mom and dad and Wyatt (and the hiding photographer), he dove in and never looked back.  Obviously, we’ll keep him, since he decided to love chocolate… otherwise, there would’ve been a hesitation ;).  Pictures to come once the photographer sends – we thankfully were able to really enjoy the entire party instead of being behind a camera, but it also means you people have to wait!!
  • This will be my last weekly Milestone Monday for now… it’s hard to keep up so I figure going *almost* 52 weeks without a miss is an accomplishment I can put a ribbon on.  I’m sure I’ll still write them now and again, but without the stress of making Wyatt sit on a blanket with Alvin at 6pm on a Sunday night, when I forgot to do it earlier in the day/weekend.
  • Thanks for following along.. can you believe we started here???


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  1. Heather — It’s been loads of fun to read your weekly blogs throughout your pregnancy and the first year of Wyatt’s life. Thanks for sharing with us.

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