Milestone Monday–Week 51


Week 51: February 16 – February 22


  • Wyatt did NOT want to sit still for this weeks photo, see diagram #2, but Alvin did finally show his irresistible smile and Wyatt rewarded with a kiss.
  • Speaking of, Wyatt is giving a lot of open mouth kisses these days!  Sometimes when we ask and sometimes he’ll surprise us and crawl over and plant one somewhere on/near our mouth.  It’s phenomenal to be on the receiving end of that kind of love.
  • He also now will respond with what an elephant says, complete with his arm in the air like a trunk.  And a bird “tweet” occurs during some mealtimes when he points to the bird on his high chair.
  • Wyatt asks for milk or water specifically while eating meals, but is showing his arrival of independence by being angry when we mistakenly give the wrong beverage.
  • Wyatt has pulled up to standing a time or two in his crib or against a piece of furniture, but still mostly prefers crawling and being on his knees.  He also just started to walk a bit with his walker, but is more interested with playing with what’s on the front, so it doesn’t last too long.
  • And another new friend arrived this past week, Solomon Cody, to new parents Kerri and Jon (Mazel, Mazel)!!  I’ve known Kerri since 2nd grade, so this time is extra special to be able to share with her.
  • Wyatt’s dimples continue to make a name for themselves and have allowed us to meet a few more neighbors (who have arrived with generous baked treats).  It’s so wonderful to be in such a friendly neighborhood, even if we do miss our across-the-hall friends Caitlin, Richard, and Wilson, every day.
  • This past week was busy with furniture deliveries, swim lessons, music class, finishing touches around the house as we prepare for the big FIRST birthday milestone, brunch at The Bagel Deli with his cousins Wes and Hayes, and more playtime with friends.  Wyatt’s getting more and more interactive with other children and it’s a proud mom moment to watch him crawl a bit away from me to explore – a big feat these days with the current stage-5-clinger status we have going on usually.
  • Wyatt had bedtime with JUST daddy two nights this past weekend, so I could see a dear friend dance Cinderella for the Colorado Ballet and then have a girls night out (what what!!) with friends Kendra and Mandy at Fuel Café for Denver Restaurant Week.  Dad was happy to have the extra snuggles and I was so proud that he still slept until after 7am (more than 12 hours) before requesting “breakfast”.
  • I can’t believe Wyatt’s a week away from being one (sob) – but more on that next week….

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