Milestone Monday–Week 50


Week 50: February 9 – February 15


  • Wyatt celebrated his first Valentine’s Day by learning how to blow a kiss, complete with the “Mwah!” sound affect!
  • He also will respond to “What does a cow say?”, with a very excited and puffed out cheeks, “Mooooooooooo”.
  • And lastly in the vocab department, we can now distinguish when he wants cheese and sometimes will repeat a please after we say it.  These may be two words that only mom and dad can understand right now, but that makes a very PROUD mom and dad, either way.
  • Wyatt enjoyed his first time to Boulder this past weekend with a hike on the Chautauqua Trail, followed by brunch at Lucile’s and a walk down Pearl Street Mall.
  • New favorite activity, playing up on his knees.  He’ll sit that way in the crib, in front of books or his activity table, or when reaching out to get the coveted Coogee tail.
  • Over the past week or so we had a visit from Melissa, Danny, Wes, and Hayes (Wes built the best snowman in our backyard – my heart was so happy), dinner at Kara, Scott, Taylor, and Carter’s house (I’ve known Scott since we were about 2 and Kara almost as long; it’s extra fun to see our kids now playing together) – Wyatt’s FAVORITE lady Whitney and her hubs Grant were there too, brunch with Kendra, more swim lessons, music class, time with Aleah, Pierce, and Hudson, playtime with Gigi and Papi, lunch with my Aunt Kathy, playtime and lunch with Devin and Allison, and some playtime at a new park in our neighborhood where we met an older woman (almost 2 years old) that was pretty impressed with Wyatt’s swing skills and we hope to see them again soon.
  • Wyatt would also like to officially welcome his new friend Theodore to the world, who is Henry’s younger brother (parents are our dear friends Bana and Matt) and seriously can’t wait to meet him.  Last time we saw the family we were in Switzerland, so I see Europe in our future hopefully again soon.
  • Wyatt’s eyes are still holding onto that blue color, but his hair is changing to include some waves – post naptime is especially delicious.
  • And the crawling is getting faster and faster…

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