Milestone Monday–Weeks 47, 48, & 49 (man am I behind!)


Week 47: January 19 – January 25


Week 48: January 26 – February 1


Week 49: February 2 – February 8


Three weeks behind.. yikes, but here’s why:

  • Wyatt had his first/last move into his forever house on January 31st!  The weeks I missed including when the computer was packed up, when the camera cord was still packed up, and here we are.  Now let’s hope my mom brain is able to remember the past weeks’ milestones.
  • First and foremost, little man is ON.THE.MOVE.  Right at 11 months (Jordana, you were right) our world changed.  Wyatt figured out how to crawl.  The first day was a little wobbly, but after a few practice moves, he’s a pro.  Things get especially exciting with heavy breathing and shrieking if he’s crawling towards a cat, an iPhone, and/or the forbidden space heater.  That little butt moving from side to side slays me.  Also, he won’t sit still for a photo… hence the above with him sitting up and not looking at the camera.
  • Last time I wrote Wyatt had realized how easily he can get from his belly to sitting.  Now, after naps, it’s right up to sitting.  And that goes for anytime really… sitting or crawling, that’s our day.
  • Wyatt now claps whenever music comes on, anyone in ear shot says “yay!”, and simply if he’s requesting we sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.
  • We also have two teeth!  The second popped up out of no where (and without any sleepless nights or cranky days) on Sunday, February 2nd.
  • I’m not going to even try to remember all of our play dates (or lack there of the week of the move) for fear of leaving someone/thing out, but we’ve continued to be busy with friends, swimming, and music.
  • Wyatt especially enjoys going anywhere that there’s a shopping cart.  Fortunate for my errands, this includes the grocery store, Target, Ikea, Costco, Home Depot, etc.  Home ownership has required a lot of these types of trips!
  • Wyatt now sleeps through the night, more often than not.  He can do it and will do it for a few nights in a row and then just to make sure I’m not too well rested, will surprise me one night and wake up a time or two and then go back to 11-12 hours straight (confession: I miss him when he does that).
  • I really can’t complain though because naps have turned into 1.5-2 hours, twice a day.  Best unpacking strategy, ever.

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