Milestone Monday–46 Weeks


Week 46: January 12 – January 18 


  • Wyatt now answers the phone on walker and says “hi!”
  • He can move from his belly to a sitting position – realized in the crib one morning, which resulted in lowering said crib that day.
  • Wyatt will clap his hands and put them up for “hooray” during “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.
  • Will now do a one knee crawl before sprawling out on his belly to swim around the room again.
  • This past week was filled with house estimates for painters and banister refinishers, paint color shopping, and furniture shopping – the move-in date is getting closer and closer!!  Wyatt was a champ through all the appointments and mixed up schedules, ending each day with an awesome nap.
  • We also had swim lessons, music class that started back up after a holidays hiatus, a play date with Aleah, Pierce, and Hudson, lunch and playtime at Gigi’s, errands around town, a date with Gigi while I got a BIRTHDAY FACIAL, playtime with Devin, Sophie, and Alli, brunch with Kerri, Jon, and their little boy that will arrive in a few short weeks, and a full day of my birthday festivities at Gigi and Papi’s with Aunt Melissa and Wes while we watched the Broncos pummel the Pats (sorry Danny).
  • Haven’t commented on his eyes lately, which are still a slate blue with specks of hazel in the middle.

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