Milestone Monday–Weeks 44 & 45


Week 44: December 29 – January 4


Week 45: January 5 – January 11


  • The last two weeks were extremely busy both with fun and with milestones.
  • Milestones first!!
    • Official first word: Meow.  Followed closely by: Kitty, Pee-yoo (when he goes #2), Dada, Bu-Bye, Ya-Ya (for Sadie-Lady) and Hi – we sometimes get a mama, but not sure if it’s intentional or not
    • First tooth(!!!): Wednesday, Jan. 8, the little bottom left guy came through
    • Wyatt will high five anyone (would do it with the cat if they’d get close enough) and waves at EVERYTHING, sometimes even the wall.
    • “How big is Wyatt” gets a hands sky high response, each time – you’d die from the cuteness
    • Wyatt’s favorite’s activity when coming or leaving the house is pushing the garage door opener.  As soon as we get in the vicinity of the garage, his arm is up swatting away.
    • Clapping hands is another new skill, whenever we say “yay!” after a song.
    • Wyatt continues to love books and requests his favorites individuals by pointing or scooting to get them and handing them to us to read.
    • He also prefers standing to play than sitting and if left sitting will immediately reach/do the worm to get where he wants to go.
  • And I actually have a decent reason for being a week behind this time, Arion’s family was in town!!  His parents (Branma and Big Guy) and little sis (Aunt Ri) came in for a long weekend of Wyatt snuggles.  They ventured here, when it was essentially a white-out in the entire northeast, so it took sitting on the runway for 7 hours to get here, but I think they’ll tell you it was worth it.  We tried to cram a lot into the visit to show them our *new* state, so we also went to the zoo (it was 60 degrees!), took a tour of the house, spent 3 days in Beaver Creek and did some skiing (not Wyatt this time, but maybe next season if dad has anything to do with it!), and even did some furniture shopping!
  • The week prior we celebrated New Years Eve with Aunt Melissa, Uncle Danny, and cousins Wes and Hayes.  Wes and Hayes made it to NYE in New York, but Wyatt crashed a teensy bit earlier (7pm).
  • We also had lunch with my cousin Ilana and the kids (Ely, Hannah, and Shira), met Pierce’s sweet new little brother Hudson, had playtime with Kerri and the baby in her belly, returned to swim lessons to show our tricks to Gigi and Papi followed by lunch, had an afternoon and a delicious lasagna dinner at Laurel and Jeff’s, celebrated Mason’s first birthday, and cheered on the Broncos with Aunt Melissa, Uncle Danny, and cousins Wes and Hayes

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