10 Months Old


This was the ONLY photo (and I mean only, out of at least 20) where Wyatt is even partially facing the camera.  The chair and surrounding blankets, books, and AIR, were far more interesting than being in a photo.  Especially after he noticed the sticker, which he then proceeded to rip off, scrunch, and eat.  Happy 10 months to my spunky, highly distractible, and curious boy.  We love you more every day.


No new stats this month, except that I know Wyatt’s at least 19lbs, since that is what he weighed at the doctor when he had that nasty fever two weeks ago.


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  1. So cute. We just got back from Denver but both girls had viruses so I wouldn’t have wanted to risk infecting Wyatt anyway. But we go to Denver a couple of times a year so now we can hang out! Which neighborhood did you buy in?

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