Milestone Monday–Week 43


Week 43: December 22 – December 28




  • New on the talent list – high fives!
  • This past week we had a lot of dad time due to time off for the holidays!
  • We played in the snow for the first time and to say Wyatt didn’t really enjoy it would be an understatement.  He was all bundled and stinking adorable and once in the snow, also bawling.  So, we did what any parent would do, and took a few photos for posterity’s sake, before picking him up and returning inside.
  • We had a Christmas dinner at Aunt Melissa’s, with Uncle Danny, cousins Wes and Hayes, and Gigi and Papi.  Wyatt tried some delicious spinach and cheese ravioli, but decided he’ll wait until next time for steak.
  • On Thursday, we had a final walk-through of the house, so we had lunch with Whitney and Grant and then Wyatt had a play date with Whitney!  He has some serious love for that girl (me too!).
  • And that leads me to Friday where Wyatt joined us to close on our house!!!  He made sure all of the important documents were signed and correct – and we’re now official homeowners!
  • Saturday we had brunch with Mandy, Danny, Hannah, Mason, and Beth… and on Sunday we took a walk around the Cherry Creek Reservoir followed by Wyatt having his first non-family member bedtime babysitting experience while Arion and I went to the Avalanche game with Devin and Matt (yay for kids free double dates!).  I’m a proud mama who can say he was a fantastic host!  Enjoyed dinner, playing, bath time, and even went to bed without a fight.  I’m half devastated he could go to sleep without me and half overjoyed he’s learning and growing and can do it on his own.
  • Speaking of growing up, Wyatt’s weaning more and more from nursing (excuse me while I whimper in the corner) as he eats more solids and drinks on his own from a sippy cup.  It’s amazing to see how much he’s changing every week.
  • Nighttime sleep continues to progress and we even had one 11 hour stretch!!  I realized I haven’t mentioned naps in a while, but he’s still at two a day, totaling 2-3 hours.
  • It’s not an official first word, but we’re getting a lot of what sounds like “meow” when a cat walks by.  I’m still holding out for “mama” 😉 until I officially declare anything.

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