Milestone Monday–42 Weeks


Week 42: December 15 – December 21



  • Wyatt had a rough 42nd week coming down with a fever for 3.5 days.  Turns out my bug had a little bug.  Fevers are so sad for little bodies, made my heart ache each time I heard him moan in his sleep or cry out for me in the middle of the night.  Although, I can’t say I hated all the extra snuggles.
  • Following his hot bod, Wyatt has blessed us with sleeping 10 hour stretches at night.  I think it’s the most sleep I’ve had in… well, more than 42 weeks.  But that aside, I love watching Wyatt grow and learn what he can do.
  • Speaking of, Wyatt’s new preference is to stand.  All.The.Time.  He’s exploring new drawers, baskets, and cabinets and has reminded me that I should probably do some additional baby proofing.
  • Wyatt’s adding new foods to his routine, daily – this week there’s a love for mac and cheese (obviously, I mean he is my son), sweet potato fries (again, see: mom), rotisserie chicken, asparagus, enchiladas, and more.  A highlight of our day is definitely watching him try to shove as much food as possible into his mouth.  And then laugh about it – with all the food still in there.
  • Wyatt loves to wave and say “bayyyy” to the cats, random people in the grocery store, and his lovey after naptime.
  • He also now mimics our calls to get the cats to come near, although he hasn’t been successful with their actual approach too often.
  • Wyatt can now scoot backwards on his belly and move a full 360 degrees if there’s a particularly fascinating object out of his reach.
  • Wyatt also loves to “read” on his own, but especially for us to read to him before naps and bedtime.  He curls up in our lap and listens/grabs at the pages.  His overall love is for the book Where’s Spot, where he insists on lifting each door to see what’s inside.  He is learning by leaps and bounds every day and we are constantly amazed by his curiosity and focus.  Other favorite books: Tails, Corduroy, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Little Blue Truck, Llama Llama Nighty-Night, Click Clack Moo, Happy Hanukkah Curious George, and Goodnight Moon.
  • We’re also practicing “How Big is Wyatt”, which he’ll sometimes respond with his arms up for, as well as, perfecting his meal-time sign-language.
  • Aside from the bug, we had a play date with Gigi and Papi, Aleah and Pierce, Beth (in town from B-more!), Melissa, Danny, Wes, and Hayes, and a TON of playtime with daddy.
  • Happy Holidays!!!

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