Milestone Monday–41 Weeks


Week 41: December 8 – December 14


  • New favorite sound is to pucker his lips and with big eyes say, “ooooo”.  He does it when he sees something new, or a cat, or just when he looks up at someone, it will melt your heart.
  • Continues to favor meat and cheese most during meal time, especially chicken tenders and cheese ravioli.  Will also scarf down broccoli, grilled cheese, raisin bread, turkey, string cheese, grapes, raisins, craisins, puffs of all varieties, and waffles.
  • Most of our classes are on a holiday-time hiatus, but we did try out The Little Gym this past week, played with Aleah and Pierce, had swim lessons and had a few play dates with Gigi and Papi.
  • It was the first time Wyatt had a play date with just Gigi while I was out during waking hours, too.  They had a blast playing, lunching, and more playing and Wyatt didn’t even mind going down for a nap!  I was at the new house with my friend/designer Devin getting ideas for furnishings!!  Such a fun day for two mamas, sans babies for a few hours 😉
  • Arion and I had a date night dinner with Kendra and Jason while Wyatt slept soundly at home with Gigi and Papi and then when Arion went skiing the next day Wyatt and I headed to Gigi and Papi’s to play with the endless amounts of toys that live there – many more “oooo’s” throughout the day.
  • Wyatt is starting to go from sitting to his belly occasionally, which we think might be a step towards crawling, but really enjoys rolling and scooting more, as well as, standing at his activity table to play.  And the jumperoo is still a huge favorite.
  • With all the eating Wyatt is doing, he’s cutting back on nursing to only 4 times during the day plus sippy cups of pumped milk during meals.  As much as the 2am feedings are sometimes hard, I so cherish that 5th moment of the day when we can snuggle up in a quiet place and I can just stare at him without distraction.  Little bug is growing up so fast.

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