Milestone Monday–40 Weeks


Week 40: December 1– December 7


  • We had our first snow storm that warranted staying indoors all day!  So, it was the first time Wyatt experienced temperature highs in the single digits.  The storm brought a new found toy into the mix, Tupperware.  Wyatt bangs, stacks, knocks down, tosses, etc.  It quickly became a serious favorite around here.
  • The low temps meant not too many activities for the week either, which was fine by us!  Just some errands, a make-up movement class, lunch with Aunt Melissa and cousin Hayes, swim lessons, and a Broncos game with Mandy, Danny, Hannah, and Mason!
  • It also marked the first time mama wasn’t home when Wyatt woke up from a nap, twice.  Wyatt’s fast friend Pierce’s mama (Aleah) is preggers, so I headed to a baby shower for her on Saturday and then on Sunday, got together with some moms to get facials courtesy of Arbonne.  The shower was filled with delicious food, especially dessert, and the gifts were complete with the book “Go the F**K to sleep!”. If you haven’t heard of it, Google.  It’s hysterical and the perfect gift.  But seriously, Aleah is no joke of a host – get an invite to one of her get-togethers, stat.  Your waistline won’t thank you, but she’s worth it ;).
  • Wyatt continues to try all foods, spicy and/or creamy included and loves everything.  It’s so fun to see him eat what we’re eating each day.  And the sippy cup is still a huge hit / success!!
  • Love this little boy more each day!

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