Milestone Monday–39 Weeks


Week 39: November 24 – November 30


  • This week marked Wyatt’s first Hanukkah and Thanksgiving!
  • We celebrated Hanukkah at home with Wyatt’s personalized menorah from Branma and Big Guy, at my sisters to have the cousins exchange gifts, and at my cousins to celebrate with the entire mishpucha (all 22 of us!).  It’s been so fun lighting candles every night and giving Wyatt a gift, even if he has no clue what’s actually going on – Arion and I are loving it.  And Wyatt loves latkes, too.  My cousin Ilana hosted the most delicious meal (thank you!) and it’s magical to see all 9 kiddos playing together.
  • We had Thanksgiving with family friends that we’ve been celebrating with since before I was born.  Their oldest daughter, Chandra, hosted and it was delicious (thank you!).  It’s especially fun to see how our families continue to grow year over year.  And Wyatt loves sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, turkey, etc.. just not too crazy about cranberry sauce.
  • And that brings us to food.  Wyatt only wants to feed himself, no more spoon-feeding baby purees!  I’ve had to get very creative and brainstorm what perfect fingers foods he’ll enjoy / are healthier than just puffs all the time, considering he would live on that if we’d let him.  So far Wyatt’s favorites are blueberry waffles, turkey, chicken, cheese (any kind), carrots, green beans, peas, corn, raisins, craisins, and the occasional spoonful of yogurt if we can sneak it in.  He even tried some of my meatballs and spaghetti today – a lover of food in the making!!
  • Wyatt also drinks breast milk out of a sippy cup during meals like a big boy (cue me crying at time going too fast) and water, too.
  • He’ll now wave bye-bye and even sometimes make a “buh-buh” sound when anyone leaves or enters, or just at the dinner table when a cat walks by.  And I think clapping isn’t too far off.
  • We’re practicing some sign-language for “more”, “milk”, “all done”, and “eat” – he seems to understand “more” and “milk” the best and will sometimes do “more” without being prompted in the middle of a meal.
  • With all that food, Wyatt no longer wants to nurse before naps, making him the easiest baby ever (I’m doomed for #2) – and also making me the sappiest mom ever, missing the snuggles we used to have each day during those times.  Wyatt has started to snuggle though without warning by just burrowing into Arion or me and it’s the sweetest thing.
  • Wyatt can get most places he needs to go by rolling and turning, baby-proofing is in our future!
  • Stranger anxiety still occurs pretty consistently if he’s really never seen the person before – otherwise, it just takes him some time to warm up and then he’s flirting like mad.  That or if I’m holding him and he knows he’s safe and secure, the flirting is never turned off (takes after Dad ;)).
  • Wyatt isn’t quite pulling up on things just yet, but will stand against some of his new toys (Thanks Melissa, Danny, Wes, Hayes, Gigi, and Papi) to play.
  • Speaking of playing, Wyatt’s very busy with all of his new things – over and out!

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