Milestone Monday–37 & 38 Weeks


Week 37: November 10 – November 16


Week 38: November 17 – November 23


A whole lot of amazing firsts the past two weeks:

  • Wyatt made his first MAMA sound.  I think I have permanent wrinkles from how largely I smiled when it happened.  And he does it all the time now.  So cute, I’m dead.
  • Also, if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, a lot of motorboat buzzing with his lips.
  • And a third big one this week, Wyatt started waving “bye-bye”!  He doesn’t do it every time and sometimes does it for no reason, but it’s always adorable and always with his right hand.
  • We traveled back to NY for our dear friends Jen and Harris’ wedding (Mazel Tov!!) two weekends ago and were able to extend our trip to add in some time with Wyatt’s Branma and Big Guy (Arion’s parents).  While in NJ, Wyatt met Branma’s dear friends Robin and Arlene who he adored.  We also had great quality time with Brett, Amanda, and Moriah – who were all excellent babysitters while we celebrated with our friends.  On Saturday, we headed into the city to see Caitlin, Richard, and Wilson for breakfast, Amanda and Moriah for a snack, Jordana, Jay, and Benjamin for lunch, and Jake, Tammy, and her baby belly for another snack!  Thanks to everyone who made time and efforts to see us in a hectic day’s schedule – we miss you all so much!!  And for those of you who we couldn’t see – NEXT TIME FOR SURE!!
  • Wyatt continues in swim lessons and is getting more and more comfortable in the water.  It’s amazing to see how he progresses each week.
  • Mealtime is getting so much more fun!  We’ve added blueberry waffles, toast, string cheese, turkey, and so much more to our finger food variety, which is awesome considering Wyatt no longer wants to be spoon-fed.  Hopefully it’s a bit of a phase, so he will still eat all this baby food I just stocked up on!!  Otherwise, he’ll only eat things he can grab and stuff in his mouth – which is crazy adorable, by the way.
  • Sleep is great and then not-so-great depending on the day.  Our trip back east threw him for quite a loop, so waking up 2-3 times a night happened for a few days in a row, but now he’s back to just once (or twice if he randomly poops at 2am.. that’s fun).  I know if I read anywhere it would say to sleep-train away that nursing session by now, but I don’t think he’s ready and since I’m managing just fine, we’ll let him go at his own pace.
  • Naps are still of rock star quality and have allowed me to shower AND blow-dry my hair a few times in a row now – woohoo!!  When I don’t do that, it’s because I’m napping, too.  The laundry can wait.
  • At home we’d had more play dates, lunches, classes, and even a snow storm that had Wyatt and I left to snuggle indoors all day (the horror!).
  • All is still progressing well on the house and I’m officially looking at every catalog I can get my hands on to start brainstorming about furnishings.  A goal – to have a place for people to sit when we host Wyatt’s 1st birthday party in March.  Baby steps.

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