Milestone Monday–36 Weeks


Week 36: November 3 – November 9




  • WYATT IS UNDER CONTRACT ON HIS FIRST HOME!!!!!  That’s right, last week we went under contract on a house and couldn’t be MORE EXCITED about it.  More details to come as to not jinx the process, but we’re in full house inspection, appraisal, mortgage, etc. mode and so thankful to have found “the one” so quickly.

The real nitty gritty:

  • Wyatt had his first swim lesson this week!  He loved being in the water with daddy, who I think loved being in the water with his son even more.  I may or may not have heard him whispering “you’re going to be a professional swimmer like daddy” to Wyatt a few times.  That is, of course, until one day when Wyatt is faster than daddy and he’ll have regrets 😉
  • Wyatt also learned the skill of not just taking the pacifier OUT of his mouth, which he’s been doing for months, but he can now put it back IN!!  This is more of a milestone for Arion and me than anything else, ha, but the look on his face when he does it is priceless.  That is until he smiles so big from the accomplishment that it falls out again.
  • Sleep regression.  We have it.  Not sure if it’s because of all the rolling around or the excitement of life, but Wyatt’s waking up more than once a night on a regular basis now… mom is tired and hoping this passes soon.  At least naps are still in the champion ring!
  • Our social calendar is busy, as always, and for that we are grateful!  We had lunch with Devin and her daughter Allison who just turned 1 at CPK, went to Aleah and Pierce’s house with Noodles, had music class with my cousin Ilana, attended the Lone Tree Craft Show with Gigi, had movement class followed by lunch at Tokyo Joe’s with the teacher Miss Melissa and another friend from high school, Amy (some of you may also know her as my Chumie), had our regular music class with Melissa and Hayes, followed by OUR HOUSE INSPECTION (YAY!), a haircut for me that Wyatt slept through thanks to Gigi’s magical touch, and a special visit from Arion’s Uncle Charlie and Aunt Cindy!  What a week of milestones!


Photo outtakes:



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  1. Can’t wait for the details! Wyatt’s contract on the house – So you are already spending his college money? Just kidding! Love, Aunt Kathy

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