Milestone Monday–35 Weeks


Week 35: October 27 – November 2


  • Wyatt is experimenting with many new consonant sounds, but our newest favorite is the letter “N”.  Consequently, we’re singing a lot of “Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” around here.  Also, “Ba ba ba, ba ba Barbara Ann…” – come join the fun!
  • I have patented a new term, “moms against daylight savings time”.  Just as Wyatt was fully adjusted to our new time zone with naps and sleeping back on track, we had to go ahead and move the clocks.  BOO.
  • Speaking of Boo, Wyatt’s first Halloween!  He was the cutest little green dragon you’ve ever seen.  Arion I recycled our Harry Potter and Hermione costumes to go with.. however, this time I wore pants underneath the way-too-short / did-I-really-wear-that-without-pants wizard dress.
  • Halloween was fantastic.  We headed to my sisters neighborhood to trick-or-treat, where there were approximately 1000 other princesses, super heroes, and cartoon characters.  Gigi went as a cheerleader (very authentic in all of my sister’s old gear) and dad as a Red Sox player (very appropriate after the win the night before).  Wes was a firefighter and Hayes was a monkey.
  • We’ve added puffs to Wyatt’s diet and he’s in LOVE.  Shocking he’d love carbs, with me as his mother, but still.
  • Wyatt also attended his first Bat Mitzvah for his second cousin once removed(?), Sophie.  She did an incredibly beautiful job and we are so proud.  Wyatt displayed his pleasure by napping like a champ through most of the service.
  • It’s so special to see Wyatt getting to know his local cousins… in addition to Wes and Hayes, he has 6 more kids who just adore him (including Sophie) – what a gift we’re giving him to be loved by so many people around him.  There has even been a disagreement or two over who gets to hold him next.  Lena, though, one of Sophie’s little sisters is definitely his biggest fan at the moment and even helped me feed him at our family brunch on Sunday, thanks Lena!!!  (she may also be one of my youngest readers)
  • We also had a breakfast date with my friend Laurel at home, lunch with Whitney at the Dusty Boot, a day at the Wildlife Experience and lunch at Great Beginnings with Aleah and Pierce, lunch with Papi at Garbanzo’s, helped out Gigi at work, danced in creative movement class, and sang in music class. Very busy over here and really loving it!

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  1. Hi, Heather –

    Everyone enjoyed Wyatt who is a 2nd cousin (not removed) to the Pomeranz and Merenstein kids. You, Ilana and Mimi are first cousins (common grandparent), making your children 2nd cousins. Wyatt is, however, a 1st cousin, once removed to Ilana and Mimi!

    I am going to CC this reply to Sophie and Lena so that she can see your nice comments about them. Girls – Read the 6th and 7th bullets!

    Love, Aunt Kathy

    Sent from Mom’s Incredible iPad


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