Milestone Monday–34 Weeks


Week 34: October 20 – October 26


  • Wyatt now sleeps face down.  Not just on his belly, but face smushed directly into the mattress, lovey against the cheek.  Cuteness overload.  Of course, he still occasionally wakes up wondering how he got there, then remembers he’s the one that can roll around and goes back to his side… only to eventually get back to nose-smushed status at some point in the night.  It’s even more adorable than it sounds – however, it’s making me loose a little bit of sleep from staring at the monitor so much because it’s so cute / making sure he’s still breathing.
  • We visited the Denver Zoo for “Boo at the Zoo”.  Translation: If you have a baby, you get them dressed up (Wyatt was a dragon) and then go around trick-or-treating and eat all of the candy yourselves.  Brilliant, if you ask me.  Best quote of the day… a kid walks by and says to his parents, “you know what would make this better?  If the animals gave out the candy instead!” – Kid, I totally agree and actually think we could start with the monkeys.
  • More play dates, movement class, and music class.  We’re having quite the ball over here!!
  • We also visited Dad at his new office and had lunch at True Food Kitchen, had lunch with my Aunt Kathy at The Egg & I (Uncle Bernie stopped by, too), did an extra music class make-up led by my cousin Ilana, played/napped at Gigi’s house, and ran all over town as I looked for a new iPhone case for my super-hot GOLD 5s (and came up empty, nothing is worthy).  Note: Wyatt’s BFF, my old iPhone case, still travels with us wherever we go, just sans phone, which really, Wyatt is thrilled about; so no need to worry about his well-being.


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