Milestone Monday–Week 33


Week 33: October 13 – October 19


  • Wyatt slept through the night (11 hours straight!!) on Friday night.  Is there any other kind of milestone?!?
  • We took our first hike as CO residents yesterday.  We went up to Evergreen and did Maxwell Falls, followed by brunch at Wildflower Café (recommendation courtesy of Kendra) – delicious!!!
  • And the nap champion is BACK.  Great 1-3 hour stretches twice a day.  This also means the house is actually getting unpacked!!!
  • Had a lot of fun play dates this past week with new and old friends and even tried out a new class called Insideout Creative Movement.  A friend from high school is the teacher, which made it extra fun and Wyatt loved it.  I also got a great workout swinging and swooping my big guy around, so we’re definitely going to make a weekly habit out of this one!  Highly recommend.
  • We had music class again and Hayes and Wyatt are becoming better and  better friends – it’s so awesome to watch.
  • We did a ton of house-hunting this past week and Wyatt was a champ at helping us decide what we like and don’t – he’s especially specific about the kitchen and basement areas.
  • Wyatt had a bit of a runny nose this week, so the Nosefrida was our bff once again, along with Boogie Wipes.  Love those things and Wyatt hates me a little bit less when I use them to wipe his nose instead of a tissue.
  • Wyatt loves to eat his fruits and veggies and now adds a Mum mum for dessert every now and again.
  • Wyatt also didn’t know it because he was fast asleep like the best baby ever, but he was left with Gigi and Papi (my parents) for the first time since we moved while we went out to dinner.  YAY date night!!  It was to celebrate Jen and Harris’ Aufruf and we went to Tables – another yummy one.
  • We also took Wyatt to the best Mexican restaurant in CO last night, La Loma, with Melissa, Danny, Wes, and Hayes.  I see a Sunday dinner becoming a tradition with them 🙂 wahoo.


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