Milestone Monday–Week 32


Week 32: October 6 – October 12




  • We’re starting to go back into routine-mode now, just in suburbia instead of the city, and Wyatt is adjusting like a champ.
  • Naps were touch and go this week, but he caught up in the car or snuggling on me and let’s face it, the latter is freaking awesome.  And so is the former since it’s in mama’s new ride, a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee!  He especially likes jamming to the radio while mama sings off-key. 
  • Wyatt took several trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, one to Costco, a few to King Soopers and some other errands scattered around town.  He loves to sit in the shopping cart and look around while reclining; it’s quite the way to travel.
  • We have an official jumperoo now, thank you Aunt Melissa and Uncle Danny, and Wyatt can’t get enough.  He bounces and shrieks and loves it.
  • We had a play date with an old friend of mine from high school, Aleah, and her adorable son, Pierce, who is a few months older than Wyatt and was very generous with his toys.  They also have an enormous husky and Wyatt has been requesting a re-visit every day since.
  • Music class continues with Melissa and Hayes and Wyatt is starting to dance more and more – he even strung the guitar this week!
  • We also had lunch with Papi, an ice cream date with Kendra, and an unpacking/organizing marathon with Gigi and Papi.
  • Wyatt was a total champ while we house-hunted all day Saturday and gave his opinion on floor plans and neighborhoods.  Either he’s content letting us choose, or it was terribly boring, because he took a champion nap in the car all afternoon.
  • Wyatt sits up relatively on his own now, with just his helicopter mama always nearby in case a topple occurs.  Otherwise, he’s in constant rolly-polly mode.
  • New foods include spinach and avocado.  Avocado he LOVED.  Guess he’s definitely ours 😉 The spinach on the other hand we’re not sure about.. he seemed to like it, but it ended up being our first vomit in the middle of the night episode.  As terrified new parents, I think we handled it gracefully and didn’t freak out too much, but we’re giving Wyatt a few days break before trying it again.


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  1. So glad to have you in Denver. We will be in Estes Park later this week, but I would love to meet for lunch, sometime after this week……Let me know what might work for you and Wyatt.

    Love, Aunt Kathy

  2. Dear Heather. , I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you and speak to you on Monday. I wanted to express my sympathy on the death of your Grandmother. I also wanted to send a note to your parents but do not have their address. Please send it to me. Thanks. My Skype is still acting up but as soon as its okay I will call you and set up another date. Good luck with your house hunting. It is a chore! I hope you find just what you want soon. Good luck too with your new car. I don’t know the model but I’m sure it’s a gorgeous color and very serviceable. Love, Grandma

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