Milestone Monday–28 Weeks


Week 28: September 8 – September 14


  • Wyatt now responds to his name!  It was made official when 4 people, aside from his parents, said the word and he turned immediately.  Then, we all got so excited that we scared him and he cried a little.  Sorry buddy – hope your future milestones are met with less embarrassment from your parents (doubtful).
  • He had his 6 month well visit and is growing and learning more every day!  Especially perfected the transfer of a toy from one hand to the other and is getting better and better at sitting up unassisted!
  • On the menu these days for Wyatt: Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Bananas, Carrots, Pears, and Prunes!  Next up, Apples and Avocado!
  • This week we observed Yom Kippur with services (he napped through) and a Break Fast at Uncle Brett’s.  Brett and Amanda were fantastic hosts and Wyatt really partied it up; complete with a late bedtime.
  • We also had a going away party for Cleaver and Emily at The Rusty Knot and Wyatt slept the entire two hours in the stroller, in the bar. Yup – saint.
  • Wyatt watched his first Eagles game (appropriately dressed), sang the fight song with all his might, and cried when they lost.
  • We’ve been packing in play dates as we approach our last days in the city.  Saw Karen, Tessa, Jordana, Benjamin, Lisa, Megan, cousin Amy, and all the Robbins siblings a few times!
  • Wyatt is “consistently” napping at 9am and 2pm…. but I’m sure since I just typed that, it will completely change tomorrow.  Each nap lasts from an hour to 2+… and I peek and stare at him approximately every 15 minutes to make sure he’s still cute.  He is.
  • The number of 3-6 month clothing that still fits is dwindling quickly.  Time to go shopping!
  • Eyes: Blue with some gold in the middle now
  • Hair: After the bath the other night there was a little wave in the top… is he going to have curls like daddy?!  Only time will tell.

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