Brides, Babies, Brunch, and Bon Voyage



If that flag isn’t big enough to visually make your heart jump.. I’m not sure what I can do for you.


I’ve had this blog post drafted in my mind for years. What would I say? How would I announce it? And I realized, there’s no fancy writing necessary. If you know me… You know what this means. Where I’ve always considered home, will now also be where I live.

Our decision to make the leap occurred with the help of every little duck lining up even better than we could’ve planned for. And I’m an expert planner.

So with Arion landing a FANTASTIC job and our lease ending, we looked at each other in bed one night and said, “so, we’re moving, right?” That spiraled into phone calls, moving plans, and a one-way ticket for two adults, one infant-in-arms, and two cats, just a few weeks later.

And now we’re here. Moving two weeks from today. And it’s so bittersweet.

People may think I should only have feelings of joy, but there is sadness, too. And at the top of that list: we’re going to be farther away from Arion’s family. Our incredible support system on the east coast. Thank god for Skype, FaceTime, and Southwest Airlines, because we’ll need it. Next up, our friends – who are also family. I’ve been here more than 9 years and Arion more than 7. We have met some of the most amazing people here and have grown even stronger with the ones we knew even before this zip code. We’re really going to miss our people, our community, and the food. Which brings me to number 3. We’ve traveled a lot. And NYC just knows how to fill the belly the best. From gourmet to street cart, our taste buds will be in mourning. And number 4, the people watching. When my sister left NYC 4 years ago, she said she would catch herself staring at people in their cars on her way to work in CO. The judging here is one-in-a-million awesome and will really be missed.

Of course, there are things I won’t miss (the sirens, honking, and jack-hammering that always startle Wyatt from a nap) and am ready to say goodbye to (overpriced everything, rudeness, and the ever competitive and elitist pace). But, it’s still the best city on earth.

I can’t even get into the amazing family and friends that are ready to welcome us with squeals and jumps and hugs in our new zip code. And we are really looking forward to the new lifestyle and outdoor activities and especially the ski season (Arion bought his season pass the day the move was official). To say we are overjoyed would be an understatement.

So with excitement, ski poles, and heavy hearts, we begin our journey as Coloradans, whose household will still root for the Eagles (when the Broncos aren’t on).

Wish us luck!!


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