Milestone Monday–Week 19


Week 19: July 7 – July 13


  • 4 month regression.  Wonder Week 19.  Yes and yes.
  • This week was hard.  And in an effort to keep this blog honest, I won’t sugar coat it or skip over it.  This blog is also to look back and remember.  And that means not just remembering how cute my son is (read: REALLY cute), but how hard being a parent can be sometimes, too.  As Wyatt is adjusting to his new sleep cycles, or so I’m told, he has to re-learn how to fall in and out of them.  And specifically for him, that meant waking up within an hour of going to sleep for bedtime, screaming.bloody.murder.  I mean going from 0 to 100 in a single breath.  That started last Sunday night.. and lasted for 7 nights.  As any mom knows, hearing any discomfort from your child is heart-wrenching.  And then there’s not knowing what’s wrong and not knowing how to fix it and then it lasts for anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours while you just try to comfort and love and calm.  And then it finally ends with whimpering because the crying was so intense.  Oh and THEN, a regular night.  5-6 more hours of sleep, eating once, and sleeping from anywhere between 530 and 7am.  BUT.  We got through it ::fingers crossed::
  • Last night, there was no screaming.  Just sleeping until 1am to eat and then again until 6am.  Glorious once-a-night wake-ups.  Hallelujah.  Oh and then an hour and forty minute nap – sweet sleep.
  • Sanity was saved during all this by Wyatt’s amazing ability to nap throughout the day and my amazing ability to lay down for his morning one.  And you’d never know there was a sad baby in our house at night for a short while, because the rest of the day this boy is happy and smiling and laughing and flailing with excitement.  Wyatt is one really really happy boy.  And for that, I am so thankful… but also, on to week 20!
  • Feet grabbing are at an all-time high, along with fingers in the mouth and serious drooling.
  • Wyatt had a blow-out of epic proportions on Thursday.  I even documented with a photo it was so intense, but don’t worry I will give you a pass on seeing it.  And we were cleaned up with a laundry running, by the time we had to be downstairs 20 minutes later.
  • We spent a lot of time indoors this week with the NYC concrete heat at an all-time high.  We hung out with our neighbors and their 17 month old, Wilson, went to the park, the playground, got ice cream, and in addition to our usual time with Benjamin, his aunts joined his mama for their visit one day!  We also had a surprise lunch visit from Uncle Danny one day (he was in from CO for work) and Aunt Moriah another!  And then there was our nyu moms group!  And to round out the week we had a fun brunch with Jake and Tammy and an afternoon play date with Emily and Cleaver.  Both who gave Wyatt a ton of love.  He’s spoiled, 100%.  Lucky baby boy!!

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