Milestone Monday–Week 10


Week 10: May 5 – May 11



Four HUGE milestones this week:

  1. First time on a plane
  2. First time to CO
  3. First time meeting cousin Wes and Uncle Danny
  4. First time mom was more than 10 feet away

Let me dive in a bit more…

  • Numbers 1&2: Arion had to head to North Dakota last minute for work last week and gifted Wyatt and me with a ticket to CO to celebrate Mother’s Day a few days early with my family.  This led to Wyatt’s first flight – with just me.  I, of course, was a ball of nerves, but Wyatt was the perfect baby on the plane and aside from sleeping the majority of the time or eating, he just smiled cooed at fellow passengers.  It was an extremely short visit and I’m so sorry to all of the people I wasn’t able to see…. basically everyone.  Next time!!
  • Number 3 was overdue and awesome.  Wes is just so loving and although Wyatt is a little boring being that he can’t play catch or anything yet, it was clear that Wes was in love.  And Hayes, well he just wanted to eat him 😉 just kidding… he was SO excited he would scream and lunge at Wyatt over and over again with his mouth wide open.  Too cute.  Oh and Uncle Danny, he lunged, too.
  • Number 4 happened twice this week.  First in a last minute decision to go with my sister to pick up take-out for dinner while Wyatt was asleep and only realizing I was alone for the first time when we were in the car and Melissa asked if I was ok.  I broke out in a sweat, but survived the 30 minutes and returned to a still sleeping baby.  Time number two was while celebrating Mother’s Day with Arion’s family on Saturday back in NYC.  Wyatt’s cousin Elizabeth (Erika and Adam’s daughter who is ~2 weeks younger than Wyatt) had an explosive poop all over my MIL, Barbara.  So while the rest of the family headed to the water to chat outside after a delicious brunch at Eli’s Vinegar Factory, Barbara and I ran back to my apartment to get her a change of pants.  This time was a deliberate break as I watched Arion stroll Wyatt away from us with plans to meet back up with them in a few minutes.  EEK!  I never thought it would be so hard to leave Wyatt and needed to do it in my own time (hence at the 10 week milestone), despite the desperate attempts and pieces of advice to do it sooner.  Either way, milestone accomplished.  Next up: A pedicure? We’ll see.
  • Wyatt’s sleep schedule/routine was thrown off a bit by travel.. waking up at 4am the first morning, but made up for it by sleeping until 830 the first morning back in NY (instead of the usual 6-7am timeframe).  He also continuously does a 4-5 hour stretch initially, followed by 2-3 hours stretches, but last night (May 12/13) he slept for 5 hours, then 4, and then 3.  I’m thinking it may have been a Mother’s Day present, but I’ll take it.
  • Wyatt’s voice leaves us speechless with his constant banter and smiles and he’s improving at tummy time every day; it’s so amazing to watch him learn and grow.
  • Wyatt is also now fascinated by the mobile above his crib and smiles and laughs at the animals above his activity mat and changing table.
  • A trick that he’s been doing for a week or two now, but is officially a thing: when we come to pick him up after a nap or in the morning and lean over the crib… we’re greeted with a HUGE smile.  BEST. EVER.

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