Wyatt Lucas … is officially Yaakov Yisrael


8 days after Wyatt Lucas arrived, it was time to officially welcome our son at his bris.  It was Saturday, March 9, 2013.

To say it was a hard day for me would be an understatement.  After only knowing our son for what seemed just a short time, the amount of pain I felt in anticipation of this ceremony was overwhelming.  I didn’t sleep and barely spoke all morning as I tried to grasp and accept what was about to occur.  Of course, it was also an important milestone for our son and our family and the beginning of raising him with the same morals and ideals that Arion and I value so much.  But still, all I could feel was the “waiting for the cry” that was inevitable.  The cry that some would say opens a pathway for prayer, but for me, one of my dearest boy experiencing his first moment pain in life.  Something I couldn’t protect him from.  So at 3:45pm I went downstairs where the service would be held… with uneasy arms except for the strength used to hold my dearest as close to my heart as possible.  I made small conversation with those that were able to be with us that day and sat surrounded by the three strongest women in my life… my grandmother, my mother, and my sister… and my dear husband. I was as safe and secure as I could have possibly been… waiting for the cry.

And then it didn’t happen.  I owe mounds of thanks to the Mohel that we chose to share this day with us, as she made the process painless for Wyatt.  Literally, he slept calmly throughout the entire thing.  Dr. Dorothy Greenbaum, you are a blessing.  Your service was meaningful and heartfelt and you made a day I had expected to be tortuous, one filled with gratitude instead.

So along with Dr. Greenbaum and our nearest and dearest… we welcomed our son, Yaakov Yisrael.

Here is our reasoning behind Wyatt’s Hebrew name (beautifully written by Arion):

There are three patriarch’s in the Jewish religion, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov.  Dad’s (Arion) Hebrew name is Avraham who is identified by abundant unbridled loving kindness; almost to the fault of people pleasing.  Mom’s (me) Hebrew name is Sarah Yitzhakah, where Yitzhakah is often thought of as disciplined, sticking to the rules, with clear boundaries.  Yaakov is the embodiment of his father and grandfather, but in his own way; a perfect balance of integrity, following the rules, but doing so with loving compassion and kindness; he stood for truth; he came from more humble beginnings but through hard work became very successful and raised a family who were all good and successful in their own rite.  Yaakov later had his name changed to Yisrael.  It is the qualities of Yaakov that we hope to instill in our child; a perfect balance of his parents; to give and do for others while remaining disciplined, living with integrity and boundaries but always compassionately and honestly.

And now, our village.




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  1. The photo of you with your mom, sister and Arion holding your hands/shoulder – what a special moment of love and support. xoxoxo

  2. I couldn’t agree more with what Lisa’s comment said. That photo was one of my favorites, but this whole post was incredible. So happy for you all and I love his hebrew nam!

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