The Club


An old friend shared this video with me shortly after Wyatt was born.  I had seen it before, but this time, it meant more.  I actually understood.

Click to play video

See, there’s this mom club.  And you’re only made aware of it once you add a child to your family.  You aren’t even privy to how much you aren’t a part of the group while you’re pregnant.  And you especially don’t know just how much you are about to understand once you bring your baby home.  See, I was “prepared”.  I had wanted a baby since, well, I was a baby.  I always considered it my calling to be a mother.  My highest aspiration, goal, purpose.  So I was well read, I listened to family and friends, and I watched interactions all around me.  But then Wyatt was born.  And wow there was a lot I still had to learn, experience, and explore.

The club is not elitist or selective or even password protected, but there is so much you just can’t grasp until you’re in the thick of it.  And I’m not insulted.  Even if I knew the interworking’s of motherhood, I still don’t think they would have meant the same things before Wyatt arrived.  Because this motherhood business… it’s the most amazing thing and yet, it’s hard.  It’s not all butterflies and rainbows and smiles.  Sure, I think it’s absolutely adorable when my son poops and you can hear it from across the room, but at 4am when nursing is painful because it’s new and little buddy is wide awake and you’re not sure if he should be sleeping or is bored and you should be teaching him… that’s when you call on the club.

It’s a non-judgment room full of support, love, understanding, and laughter.  So many things, only moms feel, do, want… now you get to share.  And I’m so thankful for this group (hoping they don’t know abandon me since I have now outed them)… a group that I didn’t know even existed, until I needed it most.

Thanks, moms.  Thanks for helping me fall more in love with my son, even when fear seems to be all around me as I embark upon the most important job that comes without a handbook; raising Wyatt.

Oh and  picture of my sweet baby boy.. for all you mouth-watering vultures 🙂

(I’m becoming quite the photographer… it’s easy when you have this FACE)




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  1. Hi Heather,   There is absolutely nothing like the love of mother for her child.  No one can ever communicate that adequately enough until they have a child of their own.  And guess what?  It just grows and grows over time!   Wyatt is absolutely beautiful.  You must look at him each day and pinch yourself and say “This precious bundle is mine.  I made him!”  Pretty cool huh?   Love, Sandy  


  2. Awesome post and welcome to the club 😉 you were made for this and Wyatt is one lucky little guy to be able to call you mom. just wait until he says it !!! it gets better and better and better! enjoy. love you.

  3. Even better from the 70-year-old grandma point of view! Love, Aunt Kathy

    Sent from Mom’s Incredible iPad

  4. He is so incredibly delicious. Look at those perfect features. I see how he loves to curl up with his hands by his chin. So much for swaddling.
    They teach us along the way, don’t they?

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