Tuk Tuk Thursday – 35 Weeks


Less than 5 weeks to go?!?  Wait, WHAT?!?

photo courtesy of cousin Amy, with a preview of the giraffe mural!!


  • How Big Is Baby: A coconut, S/He’s about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. From here on out, s/he won’t get much longer, but s/he’s plumping up. S/He’s now about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds, and s/he’ll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. Now, his/her hearing is fully developed, and s/he responds best to high-pitched noises. If it’s a boy, his testes have probably fully descended.

  • Sleep: I don’t think I’ll ever sleep like I once did, but naps are becoming a daily habit and those are really pretty wonderful.

  • Diet/Cravings/Aversions: No eggs; eat everything else!

  • Exercise: Walking down the block now seems like a marathon, but I have to do it to get dinner 😉 so I manage.

  • Movement: Very pronounced and intentional rolling and tumbling going on… gymnast perhaps?

  • The Belly: Not sure how it will get bigger, but I’m told it will.

  • What I’m Loving: The nursery being “done”.  I catch myself just sitting and staring in there several times a day.

  • Worries: Still in the calm before the storm.

  • Other Symptoms: Randomly feel as if my hip may pop out of its socket at any moment.. so dull hip pain?

  • What I’m Looking Forward to: The home-stretch!!

  • Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our healthy and brilliant chunky monkey on the ultrasound again last week (love that our office does one on each visit).  Baby has some chubby cheeks like mama did and they’re just dying to be smooched.  All that followed by a relaxing and productive weekend with the hubs; very thankful.



Bump Progression…




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  1. Well -You look healthy and happy! I am starting to have “girl” vibes……Also I noticed that last Thursday and this one, your referring baby as ‘S/He’ instead of ‘He/She.’

    Love, Aunt Kathy

    Sent from Mom’s Incredible iPad

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