Random Thoughts on a Monday



my nap buddy

  • Thank You Notes: An important skill learned at a very young age, probably before most can do much more than awkwardly sign their name, but one that is really important.  Sure, they’re sometimes time consuming and an overall pain to write, but they also make us stop and feel thankful.  Thankful that someone thought of us on our birthday, milestone, holiday, etc. and not only that, but decided to pick out a card and a gift.  So, the least you can do is take the few minutes to write back that you appreciate the effort.  As I just finished thank you’s today from my baby shower in NYC, I feel really grateful.  But then, my snarky sass jumps in and reminds me of gifts that I gave and never received a thank you note for and I get thoroughly annoyed.  This frustration lasts for just long enough to notice before I am able to shake it off and remember why I continue to write them and am glad I’m not in that category of ‘rude’.  So, if you’re reading… remember what your mom taught you and write a thank you note because someone else took the time to put in what is most definitely MORE effort to make sure you felt special/loved/supported when you needed it, the least you can do is tell them that you appreciate it.


  • Jelly Belly’s: 99% of all flavors are just plain gross and you end up having to suffer through them* after making a mistake and picking the wrong one.  Because of this, everyone just searches for the 2-3 flavors that are ‘ok’ and leaves the rest, which basically leaves a bag of nasty, but you don’t know until it’s too late (*unless it’s the black ones, they immediately get spit out).


  • Baby Wise, Instinct Short: Although generously gifted (see first bullet), we have recently received a few of the well-known baby-wrangling/magic/tips and tricks books for how to take care of a baby (Baby Wise, Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Sears, etc.).  If you’re pregnant, or a mom, you’ll likely recognize at least one of those listed, if not all three, and might even have a success story by using some/all of their methods.  I, however, am standing on my soapbox and am not reading any just yet.  Instead, I’ve decided to use my instinct (real-life moms, you can save your laughter for another time).  When our parents raised us, these books weren’t around and we turned out pretty good, I think, so I am taking an old-fashioned approach.  I want to try to just wing it.  Be a mom.  Take on the most important job in the world without using a handbook.  And when I make a mistake or something isn’t working, I’ll turn to my village and ask for help.  Of course, my village is well-read and much of the advice I receive may be from a book and turn out to work, but I’d like to try my own method first.  My method, just by instinct, may include widely used approaches and I’m sure I won’t be the first to try them, but I’d like to give myself a little bit of credit and see if I can figure it out.  By believing that all you need is one method, can result in making you feel like a failure when it doesn’t work and that’s just plain unacceptable.  So instead, I’m going to try to recognize that all babies are different and will react differently to different methods and sometimes swaddling will work and sometimes it won’t.   But instead of judging each other for which book and which method worked/works/no longer works, let’s just try to band together and agree that no matter how many books (or lack thereof in my case) we choose to read, the end goal is the same: a happy baby.  No more judging; how about we all just try to get through the day and then cheers with some wine when we’ve done it.  And in 6 months if/when I decide I need to dust off and pick-up that book… don’t judge me for that either.


  • Favorite blog of the moment: Things Carter Says.  This mom is hysterical and honest and relatable (or at least I think she will be once I join the club here in a few short weeks!)



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