Babymoon – Me in a bikini


This takes guts people.  So be nice and extra flattering with your comments.

We went on a babymoon last weekend!!!

There will be more pictures, keep reading.

Last weekend, we headed to Punta Cana, DR, for 4 days of relaxation and indulgence.  We stayed at the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar.  To read more about how we picked the resort, click hereReview: Resort was perfect for what we needed, adults only.  It was also clean, the staff was friendly, they had a huge variety of food, and we didn’t need to go anywhere.  That said, the food wasn’t gourmet – except for the ice cream, I could eat that by the tub, pregnancy aside – but we didn’t expect it to be (how many times do I need to admit how spoiled we are in the food department in NYC!?), so we were two (three?) happy happy people.  In fact, I think the motto of the trip was “I’m so glad we did this”.  It also didn’t hurt that it was a direct flight, under 4 hours, and we were sitting by the pool by lunchtime the first day and throughout the afternoon on the last day.  Go DR Go.

Like I said, it was a perfect long weekend where we did absolutely nothing.  We didn’t wear our watches, so we just read by the pool until we were hot (jumped in the water), hungry (headed to the buffet), or thirsty (flagged down the waitress for another Bahama Mama, for baby, no alcohol).  Oh and then when the sun went down we cleaned up and went to one of their many restaurants for dinner.  Since that was all we did, I don’t have very many exciting photos, but I do have more of my belly, so for your reading pleasure…



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  1. You and your belly are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND adorable. You look so so so good babe and super happy! Really glad you guys were able to get away for a nice long weekend to relax. Love it, love you xoxo 🙂

  2. You look awesome . . . relaxed, healthy, happy, and READY! So glad you were able to have this one last blast before you’re checking out those “kid friendly” resorts!

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