Last time in CO, pre-baby!


So in addition to my amazing baby shower hosted in CO before Thanksgiving (I know, how could there be more!?), I had a week of awesome in my home state.

Things kicked off the night before my flight out with a visit from my dear friend, Bethie, who was in town from Baltimore.  Beth and I grew up together in CO and she has remained a true and constant friend in my life throughout the years.  Oh, and she’s the link to me meeting the hubs, so I sorta owe her!!  Anyway, dinner was delicious at Mole.

photo (1)

Straight after I arrived on Saturday, we headed to my sisters house to visit / get in nephew snuggles / celebrate my dad’s birthday.

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2)photo 2 (2)IMG_0307IMG_0309IMG_0311IMG_0312IMG_0314

Meanwhile, Arion was home in NY with the kitties…

photo 1

Then Sunday, as you know, was my baby shower.

photo 3 (3)photo 5 (2)

I also made a run to Babies R Us while home and parked here…

photo 2 (4)

And Wes had a very serious Thanksgiving project to take care of.

photo 3 (4)

The day of Thanksgiving, Arion ran the Turkey Trot with Danny and Wes.  Melissa, Hayes, and I cheered/cried on the sidelines.

photo 5 (3)photo 3 (5)photo 1 (5)photo 5 (4)photo 1 (9)

And then, we came back to be thankful, watch TV, play, and EAT.

_DSC9199_DSC9201photo 4 (9)photo 2 (9)photo 4photo 5 (8)

Friday we spent the day outside in the gorgeous weather.  I taught Wes the game “Duck, Duck, Goose”, which was a huge HIT and then we played baseball… preggers can bat, too.

photo 1 (6)photo 4 (8)

Before leaving on Saturday, we had a delicious brunch with the family at Sam’s #3 Diner and practiced holding children while eating – NOT easy – especially when it’s a real Mexican brunch where everything is smothered in green chili.  Yum.

photo 2 (6)photo 1 (7)photo 3 (8)photo 2 (7)photo 1 (8)aphoto 2 (8)

And sure, most of the photos are of Wes and Hayes, but can you blame me?!  We were with my parents every day, too, along with my sister, Melissa, and bro-in-law, Danny.  We had Thanksgiving with the Gercke family, which we’ve been doing for probably 30 years, and I had one-on-one lunches with Melissa (Café Bistro in Nordstrom Cherry Creek) and Kendra (Mod Market).  Oo, and we also ate at Hickory House the night Arion flew in, which may be the best BBQ in CO.  Seriously.. Overall, a perfect time at home.  Can’t believe the next time I’m there I’ll be bringing my own snuggle-bug… EEK!!!

Happy Holidays (which means time off from work, which also means blog-catch up.. hopefully…)!



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