Tuk Tuk Thursday – 25 Weeks



  • How Big Is Baby: A cauliflower, during month six, the average fetus measures about 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. He/She’s enjoying a new sense of equilibrium – and now knows which way is up and which is down. He/She’s growing more fat and more hair, too!

  • Sleep: Extra snuggley kitties for the win.

  • Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Aversion to scrambled eggs lately, weird.

  • Exercise: I have become an official non-mover on the sidewalk… meaning that I don’t get out of people’s way anymore, they get out of mine!

  • Movement: Morning, noon, and night.  I still catch myself just staring at the belly in amazement.

  • The Belly: Round and beautiful – skin is feeling a little stretched, but nothing too uncomfy just yet.

  • What I’m Loving: Packing up for the move – finally all these cute new things will have a home!

  • Worries: Glucose test on Friday – blech – but it means we’ll get to say hi to Tuk Tuk live, too!!!

  • Other Symptoms: Some mild lower back pain pretty much all the time… I see many massages in my future.

  • What I’m Looking Forward to: Setting up all this baby stuff and folding the itty bitty clothes.

  • Best Moment of the Week: Being in CO… hardest moment, saying goodbye and realizing the next time I’m there, we’ll be a family of three. holymolythisisreal.



Bump Progression…

082312081912b082412bIMG_0207IMG_0249IMG_0255b_thumb16_thumb_thumb_thumb_IMG_0264_thumb12_thumb_thumb_thumb_t IMG_0271a_thumb12_thumb_thumb_thumb_[2] IMG_0286a_thumb13_thumb_thumb1_thumb[2] IMG_0289a_thumb19_thumb1_thumb_thumb[2] IMG_0292a_thumb20_thumb_thumb1_thumb IMG_0300a_thumb10_thumb_thumb photo-1a_thumb16_thumb1 IMG_0305a_thumb18 _DSC9073b



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