New Favorite Thing: An Empty Corner


The purging continued after my post here and we ended up with an entire corner of goods to be donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America.  I had a blog fail and didn’t take a final photo of the corner, so this is the best I have from two weeks ago:


But to give you an idea, here was the final overall count:

  • 10 large garbage bags of clothing
  • 1 wood two-drawer file cabinet
  • 2 large tubes of posters/art
  • 3 large garbage bags of linens/blankets
  • 1 garbage bag of old electronics

But the BEST part is that the same corner now looks like this…

photo (3)

The poor pick-up guy had to go up and down our three flights of stairs about 8 times this morning, but I think the pregnant lady jumping up and down and cheering at the top, may have made it worth his while (not to mention the pure entertainment value).

So now we just need word from the condo board and we’re ready to MOVE.  It’s amazing what an empty corner can do for my mood.

Thank you free pick-up guy, you helped an overly emotional lady dodge a breakdown over chaos in her living space.  And we’re helping people, to boot!!!



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