Pregnancy To-Do List: Babymoon…. CHECK!


Loving travel like you know we do, we couldn’t rightfully pass-up the opportunity/excuse to soak up some sun this winter – it would be a crime, really.

So, we’re headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our babymoon!!!!  Glorious sunshine, all you can eat breakfast-buffets, and relaxation, is exactly what we need as we prepare for parenthood.  Especially since I hear that vacations change just a bit once you have a munchkin in tow.

We chose the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar for many reasons.  The first being that we wanted to go to a destination we’ve both never been and with my childhood vacations being fortunately spent in the Caribbean (thanks Mom and Dad!!!) that didn’t leave a ton of options.  Also, we wanted to be able to take an easy and short direct flight.  Punta Cana fits both of those parameters.  Then onto the type of vacation.  Again, easy.  All-inclusive seemed to be the best option since I am eating small meals every few hours and have dreams of drinking as many virgin pina coladas as possible.  I also would like both of those activities to occur poolside.  So, we headed to trip advisor, orbitz, travelocity, and kayak to find the highest rated / best deal around.  The Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar is rated 8th in Punta Cana on trip advisor and received 4.5 stars on all sites.  They have 6 restaurants, multiple pools, and a spa.  Done and Done and Booked.

So picture me and my belly, oh, and Arion, too, here.   Drool, go.



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  1. Sounds amazing!!!! Enjoy every second, like you said these little munchkins do switch vacationing up a bit! 😉

    We went to Excellence Punta Cana in ’08 and absolutely loved it! Excellent destination choice!
    Hope you are feeling well, keep in touch and give that sweet little squirmy bump a pat from me!!

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