Waiting to Find out the Sex–Surprise Tactic or Budget-Friendly Trick?


Arion and I knew from the very beginning that we didn’t want to know the sex of our growing baby.  We’ve heard countless stories about how much more excitement is in a delivery room when you’re waiting for them to yell “It’s a GIRL/BOY” just like in the movies.  Of course, we also understand the want/need to find out beforehand; to nest and prepare in ways that you can’t when everything needs to be gender neutral.  So, although it wasn’t even a discussion in the very beginning for us, we both knew we didn’t want to know, I now remind Arion daily how thankful he should be that we made that decision.


SHOPPING.  You can’t even imagine (well, actually, you probably can) the amount of cuteness that exists in baby attire.  And as the deal-hunter I am, I immediately signed-up for the daily email deals from zulily, totsy, babysteals, etc.

The only problem, I want to buy everything.

The saving grace, I can’t.

There is usually only one or two decent items that are gender-neutral (yellow, grey, orange) and from what I’ve heard from my mom-friends you really don’t need a lot of clothing in the 0-3 month size since they grow out of it so quickly.  So, no purchases are made because if you’re only buying for 3-6 months and up… don’t you want them to be sparkly with ruffles or manly and rugged???  I DO.

Here are a few examples:


Calvin Klein White Stripe Faux Fur Vest Set


Blue Straight-Leg Jeans

Little Black Dress Onesie

2pc Formal Tuxedo Onesie Cummerbund Teal with Tuxedo Pants (Available in various colors)

2pc Formal Tuxedo Onesie Cummerbund with Tuxedo Pants

Pink2Blue's Lucas Baby Boy Golf Shoe/Booties. Brown Checked, Linen, Infant, Handmade by Pink2Blue.

Lucas Baby Boy Gold Shoe

Pink Leopard Booties with Diamond Bows

Pink Leopard Booties with Diamond Bows

And that was just from this week……


Now one might say that I’m doomed once the baby is born…. and well, they would be right.  Let all stores and the internet be warned – mama will be on the loose with a  lot of time to make up for Winking smile.


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