Tuk Tuk Thursday – 20 Weeks




  • How Big Is Baby: A banana, about 6.5 inches long and weighing 10.2 ounces.  I have no idea what he/she is doing in there right now, lets just go with growing.

  • Sleep: Still going well, a little extra tired at the end of the day.

  • Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nada.

  • Exercise: Steady and energetic.  Plus, we’ve been playing music for Tuk Tuk on a daily basis, so I think the little one is getting some exercise in the form of dancing, too.

  • Movement: Can’t call what I’m feeling official, but I think baby is trying to say hi!

  • The Belly: Big enough to warrant some love and belly-rubbing from friends; I love it!

  • What I’m Loving: How great I feel!

  • Worries: Um, still awaiting condo approval – come on, throw us a bone!!

  • Other Symptoms: Nothing new this week, but a friend did comment that my hair looked extra shiny and pretty, so I’ll take that!!

  • What I’m Looking Forward to: Movement and packing/moving.  Also, our full anatomy scan next week to mark the official half-way point!!!

  • Best Moment of the Week: Having someone give up their seat on the subway for the first time for this belly!!!  That and celebrating Jen and Harris’ upcoming nuptials at their engagement party – what a deserving couple of such a loving celebration.



Bump Progression…

082312081912b082412bIMG_0207IMG_0249IMG_0255b_thumb16_thumb_thumb_thumbIMG_0264_thumb12_thumb_thumb IMG_0271a_thumb12_thumb IMG_0286a_thumb13 IMG_0289a



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