Purging–aka being forced into the reality that you’re a hoarder


Let’s start with a list:

  • Out of over 40 purses/bags, 18 will be donated
    • This is not including 10+ wallets/change purges also being donated
  • Out of too many books to count, donating over 50 (will be up-for-grabs at book club this Thursday, before donating)
    • This does not include the 20 computer science textbooks from COLLEGE that are now out-of-date by more than a decade, donated
  • Out of 10 sheet sets, 5 will be donated
    • Donating an additional 4 sets of pillowcases that didn’t match any sheets; smiley-faces and leopard print, check!
    • Donating 2 old comforters that Arion and I have had since college
  • Out of a million greeting cards, tossed too many to count
    • Exception: when someone wrote something really sappy and made me cry, kept those for future weeping sessions


  • I love bags and even after they have lived the good life, I still can’t part with them
  • I have never thrown out a book
  • I love to buy new sheets, but apparently never get rid of any old ones
  • I am sentimental / crazy about greeting cards and have saved every.single.one. since moving to NYC

Those were the big numbers.  Arion and I also went through blankets, games, electronics, puzzles, artwork, paperwork, tools, etc.

It’s amazing what you find when you decide to not move anything that you don’t “need”.  And your mental stability is especially thrown when you realize that everything on your baby registry will be entering your home over the next several months and you need to choose between the cute little giraffe and a programming textbook.. TEXTBOOK OUT!!!

Next up…. clothing and shoes, hold me.


P.S. A Happy Birthday shout-out to Sandy!!!  One day, we’ll make it back to Australia to celebrate the way we did 10 years ago!!!


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