Tuk Tuk Thursday – 18 Weeks


  • How Big Is Baby: A sweet potato, about 5.6 inches long and weighing 6.7 ounces.  Baby is starting to move all over the place, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, yawning and swallowing.
  • Sleep: Pretty good!  Except for waking up to shift my belly pillow or pee, sleep is glorious once again.
  • Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Mexican, Italian, Burgers… you name, I’m eating it.  Oh and candy.  That’s still very much a yes, please, all the time.
  • Exercise: Serious walking all over the city and at regular speed.  Woohoo!
  • Movement: Still nothing, but hoping the belly buds (headphones) that “Aunt Lisa” got us will get the bambino bumpin’ and grindin’ in no time.  That is if Arion will let me play Jay Z like I wanna… instead of Mozart all the time.
  • The Belly: Growing big and strong.  Am slowly but surely out of almost all of my pants and onto all maternity wear/leggings/sweats.  It’s awesome.
  • What I’m Loving: Having my appetite, sleep, and energy again.  I feel great and am enjoying being out and about.  Oh and my boobs, are HUGE Winking smile.
  • Worries: Where we’re going to live.  That’s right, the time to search for a new and bigger apartment has arrived.  Pray for us.
  • Other Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary for now, except some extra lower back pain now and again.
  • What I’m Looking Forward to: Feeling Tuk Tuk shake its grove thang…  or just kick.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Having a dream about the baby’s arrival – first one!!  Oh and it being cool enough outside to sleep with a comforter again.. loving waking up all snuggled in a cocoon with the cool breeze from the windows coming in.

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