Katie and Chris tie the knot!!


For the last wedding of the 2012 season, we headed to Pittsburgh to celebrate our dear friends, Katie and Chris.  Arion met Chris over a decade ago on Adventure Treks, an outward bound sort of trip, where they hiked and camped for a few weeks (I clearly did not do anything like this).  Throughout the years, they’ve remained close and starting 5 years ago, a group of 8-10 of us started an annual tradition of heading to the Hamptons for a weekend each summer.  It’s a visit we can always count on to make sure we see each other, so we really look forward to it.  This year though, due to 2 of the couples getting married, we had to forgo our trip!  Fortunately, having Alison and Adam’s wedding over Labor Day and this wedding on September 22, we were still able to get our fill!

We arrived Friday night and headed straight to the welcome reception at the Senator John Heinz History Center.  It was a great kick-off to the weekend with a  coffee bar and delicious desserts.  Saturday we had brunch per a friends recommendation at Meat and Potatoes.  If you’re EVER in Pittsburgh, make a serious effort to get there for a meal.  Delicious.  Then we got all gussied up and headed to the St. Bede Church where a gorgeous ceremony was held.  Katie was so teary walking down the aisle (and theme, me being pregnant = extra emotional), I couldn’t even keep myself remotely together for this one…. Good thing I brought tissues!!!  What a stunning bride and groom.  Following the ceremony, we headed to the reception at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  Holy gorgeous, I have never seen rooms like this (pictures below).  The cocktail hour was in the Hall of Sculpture and the reception was in the Music Hall Foyer.  Incredible.  Oh and then the food.  And the 12-piece band.  And a flavored WATER bar (yes, it’s even more awesome than it sounds).  This wedding season certainly went out with a BANG.  And to its credit, I have barely any photos, because we were dancing the. entire. time.  Seriously – it was like a marathon of amazingness.

Congrats Katie and Chris.  Please still invite us to the Hamptons next year, even though we’ll need a crib – I promise we’ll still be fun.  Did my extensive dancing while 15 weeks preggers, prove NOTHING?!!!




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