Mazel Tov to Randi and Ryan!


On Sunday, September 9th, we jumped in the car with our friends Andrea and Justin, to arrive in Sharon, MA, for a very very special wedding.  Arion went to Tufts with Ryan, but since the day I met him YEARS ago, he immediately became a favorite on my list (clearly, right, Ryan?!).  And when Ryan introduced us to Randi, I was hooked.  You know when sometimes you just see two people together and the world seems to stop for a moment? It’s as if to say – is that not a perfect match, or what?!  They compliment each other in every way and seeing as I already had a special place in my heart and belly (Ryan’s a teacher by day and gourmet chef by night), there was room for Randi right away.  And with the detail that I pretty much cry at all weddings, add in hormones and my love for these two, and I was a disaster as Ryan entered the room, shortly followed by his bride, Randi.  The ceremony in the synagogue where Randi grew up was beautiful, emotional, and funny, just like them.  The food was AMAZING and the dancing… well, there seems to be a consistent theme here… Tuk Tuk is getting its fair share of dancing while in utero.  In fact, I’m convinced it might come out doing a little twist and SHOUT!

Congrats, you two, we are overjoyed that we could share in this milestone with you and that you are in our lives.  MWAH!!


Ryan may be the most excited male (family excluded) on the planet that I’m “with child”.  I can’t even tell you how many times he came over to love on me and my belly… and Arion.  How lucky are we, to have excitement like this – at THEIR wedding.  I can’t even describe (crap, I’m crying again – just look at the photo)…




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