A Philadelphia Wedding


Labor Day weekend marked the wedding of Arion’s closest childhood friend, Adam.  He was the co-best man with their third musketeer, Alex, and we had quite the celebration.  This also marked the first time in HISTORY (ok in 2+ months) that I had moments of feeling farther away from death, than usual.  SO, I channeled “cool and hip” Heather and partied it up!!!  Of course, I suffered the next day being unable to move from the exhaustion and nausea, but it was well worth it.  Another awesome thing about the wedding, was how many of our friends were in attendance.  We have an annual trip to the Hamptons with about 10 people, each summer, and they were all there.  YAY reunion!  Especially since we didn’t make it this year and next year when we go, we’ll need a crib in our room (EEEEE!).

The rehearsal dinner was at XIX Restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia.  I didn’t take a single photo, as who wants to capture when they’re feeling retched, but I can assure you that the food (from the bite that I had, plus Arion’s rave reviews) was delicious and the room was gorgeous.  We even had a perfect view of the Blue Moon from the balcony, making it a perfect evening.  After dinner, we headed to the Ritz Residences Club Lounge for drinks and snacks (I had a cupcake – which I learned later, marked the return of my sweet tooth!).

The wedding was at Glen Foerd, overlooking the Delaware River.  The ceremony was gorgeous at dusk overlooking the water, the cocktail hour was throughout the estate, even in the art gallery, and then the cocktail reception was in a gorgeous room with floor-to-ceiling windows.  That night, I had one of my first reprieves from “morning sickness”, so like I said, I danced my TUSH off.

And since I know most of you aren’t here for my witty and brilliant commentary, here are the photos.

First, with the lovely Bride and Groom, Alison and Adam.



Arion’s parents also enjoyed the wedding with us, as they are close friends with Adam’s parents, Robin and David.


One of Arion’s close friends, Chris, who just got married last weekend on Sept. 22!!!! (full blog post to come)




I think this was “Shout!” – We had fun.





Some things, and dance moves, never change Winking smile



The now newlyweds as of Sept. 22, Katie and Chris!


Ending the night with a belly shot!!!!!!!!!!!




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