The day my heart expanded…


Was the day that my second nephew arrived.  On August 15 at 5am, sweet and perfect baby Hayes was born.  My sister is basically a super hero and delivered within 9 minutes of arriving at the hospital.  Little man was ready!!  Of course, now you realize why it took me so long to get blogging, so I’ll be playing catch-up for a while, but first Wes would like to introduce you to his new baby brother…


And the story (from Aunt Heather) goes something like this… receive call from my mom at 7am.  I Immediately know what it’s for because, let’s face it, mom, you’re never up before 9am Denver time.. so 5am… this is cause for celebration!!!  Mom tells me that she’s on her way to Melissa’s.  That she’s in labor.  Now let me set the scene.  I’ve been up sick all night with “morning sickness” and call Arion to ask him to tell  me to get up off the floor to change my flight.  He responds with a “what do you mean, of course you’re changing your flight!”.  To which I reply, I know, but I literally need you to tell me to GET OFF THE FLOOR AND GO DO IT.  And so he does, and I do.  Meanwhile, Melissa can’t wait for my mom to arrive and gets the neighbor to come watch cartoons with Wes-man, while her and Danny b-line it to the hospital.  Leaving the car running in front, they rush in.. and like I said.. 9 minutes later, “IT’S A BOY!!”.  I get the phone call just as I make it to the computer to make the change.  I proceed to pack (who knows what) and arrive at the airport a few hours later for my flight that arrives in Denver at 3pm.  Pretty good if I do say so myself… except for the nausea part.  Anyway, I arrive to proof that they’ve done it again.  Melissa and Danny make perfect babies.  I have no idea how they do it, but it’s incredible.  I mean look at this face!!!


That’s only a few hours old.  Amazing.  And Wes, as if there was any doubt about the amount of obsession I have with the kid, is the BEST BIG BROTHER, ever.  And he can’t read, so I’m purely writing this because it’s the freaking truth.  Constantly wanting to hold him and telling him he loves him; I melt.


Oh and here are the proud and glowing Grandparents, Gigi and Papi… man, is this their year or what!?!


And as you already saw last week, “Wordless (Wes) Wednesday” is now simply “Wordless Wednesday”, to accommodate for our new love bug.  Wes is happy to share the spotlight… we think Winking smile – so many more photos to come!  And prepare yourself: you thought Wes-man was cute… it’s double-trouble now!!!



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