15 Weeks! Tuk Tuk Thursdays?


I’ll backtrack a little at the end of this post, but otherwise, we’ll start here and continue weekly on Thursdays!!!

(Note: We’re calling our bundle “Tuk Tuk”, which is a type of rickshaw and the main method of transportation in Vietnam and Cambodia – where we traveled to in April – and where we decided we were ready to expand our family)

  • How Big Is Baby: Naval orange! About 4 inches long and weighing 2.5 ounces.  Baby’s body proportions are nearing normal, and all of the joints and limbs can now move.
  • Sleep: Still getting used to this whole only sleeping on my side business, but it’s getting better now that I don’t have to pee every hour during the night (that was another 1st trimester symptom that I wasn’t aware of until it happened).  Also, naps.  Naps do a body good.
  • Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I’m actually eating!!  Specifically craving burgers.  Delicious and juicy (and well-done, don’t worry Dr.), burgers.  Also, my sweet tooth has returned thanks to the thousands of Smarties available at my friend Karen’s baby shower the other week.  Candy store runs have returned and with a sense of urgency.
  • Exercise: Considering I’m a yoga lover, I plan to get back into it and do pre-natal yoga, but I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet.  For the longest time I was FAR too nauseous and tired to even leave the apartment, so everything was put on hold except for some coerced short evening walks with the hubs.  But now we’re up to more frequent walks and yoga is back on the horizon.
  • Gender: This is the only time I’ll have this bullet, because we’re not finding out!!  Guesses welcome!!
  • Movement: None yet – can’t wait for that!!  Books say between 18-20 weeks.
  • The Belly: Usually invisible in the morning and full force at night, but baby is starting to make its presence known during the day now, too.  If you happen to see a preggers girl strutting down Lexington Avenue, it’s probably me – proud of my little itty bitty bump.
  • What I’m Loving: My growing belly and sharing the news with our family and friends.  I’m overwhelmed by each reaction and good wish that we’ve received and am oh-so-thankful for the village that has presented itself.
  • Worries: At first, there was the worry of getting to the second trimester, but now that I’m here, I just love everything about being pregnant.  EVERYTHING, even the fact that I was nauseous for all eternity Winking smile.
  • Other Symptoms: Thirsty!!
  • What I’m Looking Forward to: Our next OB appointment in 2 weeks to see the munchkin again in action – it’s seriously magic.
  • Best Moment of the Week: It was technically last week, but our FB announcement.  SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Before This: From basically week 5 on the dot until 13-14 weeks, I was sick.  Sick as a dog, to be exact.  And I don’t mean the term “morning sickness” because anyone who has had it, let’s be honest here, knows that it’s ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT LONG.  There is no lovely shining break in the afternoon, or even evening.  Or at least there wasn’t for me.  Nope.  It was a constant and debilitating nausea plus exhaustion.  That basically left me to be a hermit and not move much more than from the bed, to my desk, and back, each day, the majority of the time (not to mention I was hiding out from friends who would notice the absence of my wine glass at any meal – especially brunch).  I have never been so thankful to work from home as I can’t even fathom having to get up and get ready for work and then take the subway – blugh.  To all you women who did it, I bow to you.  Of course, we also had weddings and a bar mitzvah during those weeks, so I would gather all of my strength for the few hours of the event (and eat wheat thins from my purse) and then pass out afterwards.  It worked and for the most part, no one was the wiser.  Or they lied, which I’m ok with, too.  Because now that I’m on the other side, I already have an amnesia of it all.  All the sickness and near-death like whining was worth it… right, Arion?  Poor guy was an incredible nurse and took such good care of me, I’m thankful every day.   Anyway, on to the good stuff – I’m past it!!  It tapered off sometime between weeks 13 and 14 and I feel like an actual human being again!  Not completely, of course, since I am growing one inside my belly, but the nausea has LEFT THE BUILDING.  And I can deal with the necessary daily nap(s) – I mean who doesn’t love naps?!  And since I love my readers (after all, it’s my mom), here are the photos from the big reveal (the night I told Arion – more on that later) on July 10, 2012 and each subsequent weekly photo thereafter Smile.  Enjoy!!!



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  1. I love this post! You are truly glowing. I remember when the nausea passed, I felt like a new woman! Enjoy your new body, I relished watching my belly grow. I’m so happy you’re enjoying it, you look adorable!! Much love and belly kisses!

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