Dad-to-be turns 28!!!


Today is the hubs birthday!!  Unfortunately, he’s in Dallas for work, so he needs a lot of extra FB love people – get on it.

But as for my love, I have compiled a bunch of photos of him with babies.. so you can all picture what a hot dad this guy is going to be in March… at 28 (yes, I’m a cougar, which equals awesome — and everything from here on out on the blog is going to include some form of baby discussion).

Wes – 1 month old, July 2009 (hubba hubba)


Henry – 2 months old, February 2012 (preview?)


Greyson – 3 weeks old, July 2012 (already enamored)

photo 04

And proof that he’ll continue to be fun and awesome, too…

Vaneeta and Noah’s Wedding, July 2012


Alison and Adam’s wedding, September 2012


Happy Birthday, Arion – love you!!



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