Mazel Tov, Ely!!


This post is mostly dedicated to my cousin’s son, Ely, who became a Bar Mitzvah this past weekend.  Thankfully, Arion and I were able to fly to CO to witness the occasion and celebrate with the family.  It was a bit of a family reunion of sorts because although I get back to CO frequently, it’s rare that I am able to see all of my cousins while I’m there.  Such a treat!!

Anyway, Ely was absolutely incredible.  His poise on the bema and the way he led the service is something to make even cousins cry with pride (ok, I cry a lot, but still, he made me do it this time!).  He was awesome.  And everyone should take note because this man will move mountains one day.

The weekend went a little like this:

  • Thursday night, arrived in CO
  • Friday, spent time with mom until heading downtown for Shabbat dinner, where I wanted to eat Wes’ cuteness instead of my dinner, but I resisted, barely.
  • Saturday, witnessed Ely’s service followed by a luncheon, some tennis at my sister’s, and then the pool party for Ely!!  You will see some excellent diving skills by Wes-man.
  • Sunday, brunch with the family and then back on the plane.

It was a whirlwind, but we’re so glad we were there.  I don’t have many photos either, so you Wes lovers will just have to deal – and you can sleep soundly knowing I gave him a million kisses in person!!

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