Sharon, CT


WARNING: This post mostly contains pure pride and joy of how much of a rockstar my hubs is.  If you can’t handle the awesome, skip the post.

This past weekend we headed out to Sharon, CT, where Arion’s older sister and bro-in-law rented a house for the summer.  It was a two-hour train ride, but when we arrived we could understand why they picked it.  It was beautiful.  Also there with us for the weekend was Arion’s parents, his little sis, Moriah, and his grandpa.

We started off at dinner at Serevan on Friday night and then headed to bed because we had to be up at 4:45am for Arion’s triathlon the next morning!!!  If you recall, this is his second triathlon, but at his first they cancelled the swim due to fog and it became a run, bike, run, so this really was his “first”.  And, people, my hubs is a swimmer.  Most triathletes cheer when the swim is cancelled, but Arion was so disappointed that he couldn’t wait to redeem himself at the Sherman Triathlon.   And boy did he do just that.  He came in 8th (!!!!) for the swim and 30th (!!) overall.  BAM.  I am married to a rockstar.  Like a good wife, I was there bright and early (along with his mom and dad) to cheer and take photos, so, you’ll see many below – take special note that at each transition some of the “elite’s” aren’t even back yet…. what, I’m bragging.  Deal with it.

Unfortunately, it rained the rest of the weekend, so our plans to spend time swimming and playing by the lake were foiled, but we did do a lot of chatting and snacking instead.  For some last minute dinner ingredients, we also went to this adorable famer’s market, Paley’s Farmer’s Market.  Everything was local (and expensive) and delicious.  There was some porch sitting and grilling, too, and Arion did brave the weather while I napped one afternoon and jumped in the lake, just to check it out.  And there was also some more bike riding – he’s a machine I tell you.

And now for the photos… most of which are of Arion being awesome in spandex.  You’re welcome.




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