Westport, CT


Before there was Seattle, I headed to Sandy’s hometown of Westport, CT, for the weekend after the 4th, while Arion was gallivanting around Montreal at a bachelor party.

I’ll just start with if you haven’t been to Westport, you need to go.  It’s an hour train ride outside the city yet it feels worlds away.  It’s quaint and cool and breezy and on the beach.  Now granted, you may not get the type of hospitality that Sandy’s guests are spoiled with, but I imagine it’s still pretty decent on its own, too.

So, Friday after work, I met Sandy’s dad and fiancé’ to make the trip out.  Sandy had been out there since the 4th playing tennis and relaxing, so she picked us up at the train station.  Her parents were headed out of town that evening, so we had the house to ourselves.  PARTY!!! haha, just kidding, Chris (wink).

Ok so back to the evening.. Sandy had prepared what she likes to call, a “snack dinner”.  Essentially it’s a bunch of snacks combined to make a dinner and it is of the genius variety.  For instance, manchego and crisp bread, fruit, a tomato salad, guacamole and chips, etc.  If your mouth isn’t watering now, you can go ahead and stop following my blog because we can’t be friends anymore.  I MEAN COME ON!!  So we packed up all of that deliciousness and headed to Campo Beach to eat dinner at sun set.  Lovely.

Saturday we slept in and then met Mary Clare and John for brunch at Terrain, which is owned by Anthropology.  I know, you already love it.  The below was Sandy’s dish and I had some gnocchi goodness with fresh veggies.  Oh and we also shared the cheddar and jalapeño cornbread.  Delicious.

Following brunch we headed to the beach, where 30 minutes in, it started to rain on our already sunscreen-slathered selves Sad smile.  So we did what any two brilliant ladies would do, we dropped Bobby off at home to work and went shopping.  Westport has some of the cutest shops and we spent a few hours milling about. Post shopping, we got all dolled up for dinner and headed out.  But first, we had to meet this little lady… Vivian.  Sandy’s friend Hope that I’ve known almost as long as I’ve known Sandy, added this little bundle to her life a few weeks before (Sandy took about 30 photos, but these are my favorites).  The little munchkin fell asleep on me and stayed there for about 45 minutes.  The same 45 minutes that I will now  refer to as heaven.  Smushiest cuteness ever.  I am officially the baby whisperer.


Oh and Sandy also took some artsy photos of me before we left for dinner…


She has quite the talent, no?  Anyway, to dinner.  Artisan.  I’ve never been so happily full in my life.  We started with the burrata Mozzarella and Tomato app, along with the truffled macaroni & cheese, and the tuna tartar with avocado.  For dinner, I had the risotto, Sandy had the halibut, and Bobby had the hanger steak.  Oh my god and then there was dessert – Fluffy vanilla cheesecake, caramel & sea salt.  We rolled home.

Sunday, we woke up early and spent all day at the beach.  It was a perfect beach day with a breeze of awesome throughout.  As soon as we were hungry again (shocking!) we walked about 15 minutes to this cute sandwich shop for lunch and then headed back (maybe the title of this post should have been eating our way through Westport?) to spend the rest of the day in the sun.

Sadly, that afternoon we headed back on the train to NYC to end a perfect summer weekend.

Thanks to Sandy and Bobby for being such excellent hosts Smile I’ll be back whenever you’ll have me.


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  1. What I seriously love most about this post is that I can actually “hear” your voice describing this wonderful weekend as I read it. Goodness, do I miss you! xo

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