I am officially a globe-trotter and loving every minute of it!  As I mentioned on Monday, my friend Karen and I headed to Paris this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays.  Originally this was meant to be a gift from Karen for my 30th (she’s awesome, right?!), but I insisted since her birthday was May 7th, we make is a celebration of both.

We left on Thursday evening, which put us in Paris Friday morning and with the plan to leave Sunday afternoon.  And although I had to wrap my crazy-planning brain around it, we flew stand-by on Karen’s buddy passes since she’s a flight attendant for American Airlines.  Now Karen being the experienced traveler on stand-by that she is, was calm as a cucumber as we watched the loads all day Thursday and sat at the airport Thursday night waiting to see if we would indeed get on the plane.  I, however, was sorta a disaster.  Poor Karen put up with my anxiety and rants and nerves all day/night until we successfully boarded the plane where she then helped me transition to PURE excitement.. WE’RE GOING TO PARIS!!! FOR THE WEEKEND!!!  Granted, now she knows all about my crazy, so hopefully we can still be friends. ::wink::

Now on to the goods…. and more pictures than you would ever want (unless your name is Kendra).

Like I said, we arrived Friday morning as scheduled and headed straight to our hotel to drop off our bags before heading to the sites.  We stayed at Mon Hotel per my friend Jen’s suggestion and bravo, Jen, it was awesome.  It was located just down the street from the Arc de Triomphe, which we subsequently had a gorgeous view of each morning as we headed out and a glowing one on our way home each night.  Then by recommendation of the concierge we boarded the awesome tourist bus to hop-on/hop-off as we scooted around the entire city to see everything.  This worked quite excellently as that first afternoon alone we saw the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides Hotel, Musée Rodin, Notre Dame, and the Louvre.  Once we were officially starving for dinner, we headed to Le Marais to find the falafel place that everyone I know recommended: L’As du Falafel.  HOLY FALAFEL BALLS THIS WAS SO GOOD.  After stuffing our faces in the middle of the Jewish Quarter, we walked around the area for a bit until we could barely move and decided we wanted the infamous hot chocolate from Angelina’s before heading back to the hotel.  So we walked for what seemed like eternity and then when we finally arrived… dun dun dun… it was already closed for the day.  So on to the metro we went and crashed at the hotel.

Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed back to Angelina to redeem ourselves and get our hands on this so called most-amazing-hot-chocolate-in-the-history-of-things-that-are-chocolate-and-hot.  And we had breakfast, too.  And oh my heavenly god, the hot chocolate.  And croissants.  And pan de chocolate.  I LOVE PARIS!!  Then we headed to walk around the Jardin des Tuileries, see the Louvre up-close, ride a carousel, climb the stairs to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, pose in front of Moulin Rouge, take a bathroom break in the most fancy Starbucks in the world, get up close and personal with Notre Dame, walk along the Seine River, have lunch at the Café St. Regis, had the best gelato of my life at Berthillon (it’s family owned and the original owner who is now 88 still wakes up every morning and makes the vanilla – seriously), took a nap during the hour-long rain, went to La Creperie des Champs-Élysées for dinner, and made a midnight run to the Eiffel Tower for some sparkly pictures.

Sunday we revisited the wonderful Avenue de Champs-Élysées to see my friend Louis Vuitton and have a brunch consisting of a cheese plate extraordinaire and crepes with nutella before heading back to the airport.

I’ll let the multitude of photos speak for themselves below (sorry for so many), but it was an excellent way to see Paris for the first time.  Thanks again, Karen, love you bunches!!

Friday photos…


Saturday photos…


Sunday in pictures…




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