2012 Vacation – Part 9 of 9: The Flight Home and Recap


Part 9:  Headed home.  Hopefully now you can understand why this took 9 posts.  It was more than an incredible trip, it was an adventure.  Nothing like we’ve ever done before and will probably ever do again (actually, that’s a lie, we’ll always travel, just maybe not on the A380).  Vietnam and Cambodia were unique and educational and delicious.  Oh and now that we’re home, I realize that the counties were also sort of a mall for me; we shopped A LOT.  But that’s how we like it – having souvenirs displayed all over our home as a reminder of our travels so far and of more to come.  Also, it reminds me that my life is really awesome and what’s even better is that I get to go on all these adventures with my best friend.  Love you hubs (awww!).

  • Type of Luxury in the Sky:  Back on Singapore Airlines A380 from our initial journey for the last 9 hour flight home.
  • Decibel Level:  Noise-cancelling headphones silence.
  • Deliciousness on a Plate:  Started off with breakfast in the Frankfurt lounge, complete with cereal, juice, banana, and gummy bears in the shape of airplanes (Matt informed me while we were visiting that Bamberg is actually home to the original Gummy Bear (pronounced GOOMEY, which is what I will try to remember to call them from now on).  Also, on our way home, there was BRUNCH on the flight.  You read that right.  Vacation may have been on its way to completion, but there was still brunch to be had!
  • Expanding our Horizons:  Let’s face it, I’m officially spoiled and travel will never be the same again.  Especially when its in coach 99% of the time unless by magical occurrence I get upgraded when flying with Arion, on Delta.  TEARS.
  • Shut-Eye:  I slept… uninterrupted, for 6 hours… ON A FREAKING PLANE.  Now that’s what I call a trans-atlantic flight.
  • Jealousy Inducers




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